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Thread: These dogs need help

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    Unhappy These dogs need help

    This lady was on gumtree trying to sell things to pay her vet bills and as I'm always a sucker for a sob story I thought I'd post it here in case anyone wants to buy something or maybe help her out in a small way. She looks like she could use some help.
    Are there other payment plans you can get from the vets? Any suggestions?

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    Many vets will link you up with GE loans which are a bit shark like. You're better off with a personal loan from a credit union.

    I could only contribute to something like this if I knew the person - myself. Otherwise it's too easy to be scammed or contribute to enabling a person's poor financial decisions or keeping a dog alive when there's no hope of a good quality of life.

    I find it's very hard for vets who must also deal with this on a daily basis - people who can't afford the bills, coming in with their sick pets. If the vet goes broke helping these people - that's not good for the paying customers and it also just enables the problems to continue.

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    There's a dog on Pet Rescue that they say was put in the pound because the owners couldn't afford the vet bill...sounds a little strange to me too.

    If someone can't pay the whole bill...I'm sure the vet would come to some arrangement or get a loan...that's what I'd do.
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