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Thread: Beaglier breeders in South Australia

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    Default Beaglier breeders in South Australia

    Anyone know of any?

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    No such thing as a Beaglier - just a mutt crossbreed - go to the pound and save ya money.

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    Not having much luck here, are you 'Moff' ?

    Don't give up !

    What sort of pup are you really looking for ?

    I notice that you have chosen a pup that has Beagle somewhere in the mix. Is that the breed you really like ?

    I am not keen on the designer mixes at all. For the price of one of them you could get a purebred pup + change in your pocket, parents health tested, pups - immunised, wormed, micro-chipped and generally with lifetime support from the breeder. A far better deal - I would think.

    This is where I would start my search for beagle breeders. The link is for SA - but it is very easy to get a pup sent to you from interstate. Also the breeders may have older pups that need rehoming.

    Beagle Breeders, Australia

    There is a Beagle Club in SA that you could get heaps of good information from:

    Puppy Information

    Good Luck and keep asking questions. You may feel that we are a bit hard to get along with - but we are only trying to stop you making a mistake like quite a few of us have made over our years of owning pups !

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    Hi Moff,

    sorry if i came across a bit sharp. My son's school is full of mums that have spent thousands on 'designer' breed dogs. One lady spent $2000 on a Lab/poodle cross. When I asked her why she paid so much and that my purebred staffs were both less than $1000, she told me that staffys are a dime a dozen and that her dog represented a rare breed, hence the cost.

    Riley J above is always willing to help and has helped me when I got my Staff girl from a breeder. So you are good hands!

    aqain, sorry if i seemed abrupt,

    good luck in your search


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    All good everyone....I've been in enough forums before to know how it all works...I don't take any abruptness personally!

    My wife and I are faced with the somewhat daunting task to choose the sort of dog to replace our 12 year old Maltese shitzhu who we lost last week. We are keen for a medium sized intelligent dog that we can put in time to train to be well disciplined around our 6 month old son and 9 year old cat. We've only started researching and so far its been based on looks alone which is why I'm hitting this forum to try and understand the behaviour of the breeds we like the look of.

    We are by no means well educated on breeds and people here are so happy to hear all of the's all very helpful so thank you!

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    Well, I guess my first question would be, What traits are you looking for in terms of personality for your dog?

    Energy level? How much time for exercise do you have?
    Grooming level?
    Trainability? DO you want an easy to train dog?
    Drool vs no drool :P
    Shedding vs non-shedding
    A dog you can go on holidays with?

    There are more things to consider but that's all I can think of at the present time.

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    Energy level? How much time for exercise do you have? 2 hours per day
    Grooming level? Ideally not too onerous on our time
    Trainability? DO you want an easy to train dog? Happy to put in the hard yards to train if it results in a well behaved disciplined dog
    Drool vs no drool :P not fussed
    Shedding vs non-shedding not fussed
    A dog you can go on holidays with? Doesn't need to come on holidays

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    'Moff' - I am really sorry to read that you and your family lost your pup last week !

    12 years old - WoW - What a wonderful life this pup had with you and your family.

    How about you have a look at this link about different breeds of pups to start with. There is heaps of information on there and see what you like the look of - then do searches for more information about the specific breed you like.

    Australian National Kennel Council

    If possible go to some Dog Shows in your area and have a good look around - also ask heaps of questions - if you can.

    It is early days - so I really hope there is no reason to rush your decision.

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    A cavalier king Charles spaniel would be great.

    A beagle would be great - but like I said about those - they can be prone to following their nose if you don't train them but I have met some lovely trained ones.

    There is a lady that frequents Tennyson beach on the weekends with her back yard designer cross breeds - but I would not want to reward her with a purchase - she doesn't do health testing to prevent long term problems or even short term ones that are hereditary and could be avoided if she better matched the dogs. And the bitch is looking more and more unhealthy every time I see it pregnant again. She's a nice enough lady - nearly always picks up after her dogs but what she's doing isn't nice to her dogs.

    Most of those people are breeding for cute puppies - not for long term healthy and polite adult dogs.

    So what else might you consider.

    There's definitely some good beagle breeders near Adelaide - tho I only know that from meeting the dogs. There are some bad golden retriever breeders. I know a good chocolate Labrador breeder - they're gorgeous dogs and great with kids but you do need to train them. Pretty easy cos they LOVE food. Just make them work for it.

    If a lab is slightly too big then maybe a
    Shetland sheep dog - think lassie but short
    whippet (they're a tiny bit harder to train tho)
    pug - ok really hard to train but don't need much - hardest thing with these is not feeding them to death
    border terrier - you will never have a problem with mice in the yard again. will take some training to be nice to the cat but if you get one of these as a puppy - the cat should be boss no problem. Pretty much applies to most dogs.
    Bichon Friese (will need clipping)
    Japanese Spitz
    Lhasa Apso (will need clipping or brushing)
    miniature schnauzer (might need help with the cat - same as any terrier)
    papillon (might also need help with the cat - but I love these dogs - they're so enthusiastic about life)

    Like I say to most people who want a puppy (pedigree) - it helps to go to an all breed show or an obedience or agility competition and see some of these dogs in action and meet the people who own them and see what they recommend ie hang out with the dog obsessed to find the right dog (and breeder) for you.

    In Adelaide - there is an obedience competition at Southern Districts KO club next Saturday 21st from 9:30 at Wilfred Taylor Reserve Wheatsheaf road Morphett Vale and an all breeds dog show run by the pug club at SACA/Dogs SA park Cromwell Road, Kilburn (near the Grand Junction Road end of Churchill road). That would be two good places to start or there are various dog training clubs all around Adelaide that have various training nights that you could go visit and find out where those people got their dogs.

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