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Thread: Beaglier breeders in South Australia

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    Cavalier's from good breeders and sound health record are a delight for peope with small children. And they are not as adventurous and nose following as the beagle........I like beagles, but they do require good training and there is always the nose and over the hill and faraway.

    Cavaliers are soft and i have had many in my classes and are a smart little dog to train. I am seeing some lovely types and characters here (Southern Riverina/ North-East Victoria), as there are some good local breeders. I always suggest them to families with small children as they are small and reasonable soft mouthed..but like all puppies still need training
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    I had a bit of a look around this morning and found these.

    I like this rescuer and this pup is ~ 9 months old. From the description she sounds that she could suit your family well.

    Olary - Medium Female Cross breed in SA - PetRescue

    Chewy - Medium Female Cross breed in SA - PetRescue

    One more:

    Ace - Medium Male Cross breed in SA - PetRescue


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