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    Hi Lauren
    If you were to get a puppy I would recommend a good quality dry food with meat added to it. Pup will need lots of diff. nutrients to keep it healthy and it could be hard to achieve with raw food only especially with a growing pup.

    My 2 girls are more affectionate than my last male. One of my girls is the same breed as the male. That's in my case...

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    Ohk awesome, thanks Hippo and everyone really You guys are very helpful

    In regards to food, I'm thinking about doing a mixture of the dry kibble with the roo meat. Is there a favourite brand of kibble out there? Or in general, what are things I should look for on the packet. i.e. what % protein, fat etc?
    Is there a list somewhere on this forum that has a list of foods cannot eat? I already know chocolate is out.

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