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    Hi there everyone,

    I am completely new to this so bare with me.
    I have a question to ask you all regarding an idea i have. Would you use a service that allowed you to match your furry friend with a local dog lover (some one who'd love to look after pooch for free every now and then)?
    Providing there were safety checks and some kind of insurance in place, would you have any other concerns of using a service like this?

    thanks heaps in advance for any comments!
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    I would have many reservations. I have lost 3 dogs to well meaning friends that through a variety of circumstances failed to keep my dog safe while I was away. All partly because the dog was out of sorts being somewhere unfamiliar without their owner (me).
    That is why I am paying a fortune later this year to a kennels that I have researched and visited several times.
    It may work with more placid dogs.

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    Hi Sachabear, welcome to the forum!

    Personally, no I wouldn't use a service like that... I'm very protective of my dogs and I won't let just anyone look after them... on that note, one of my dogs is not the type of dog that your average dog person can handle, he's a bit of a trouble maker.

    However I do know of plenty of people that would use a service like that... Interested to see what other people on the forum think

    I agree with Farrview, its probably a service suited more to chilled out and placid dogs.

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    I believe this is actually already a thing.
    Dog Share

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    If I was at work all day I'd definitely consider something like this. I think it's a great idea - but I'm not a control freak In any case better than having a dog at home slowly dying of boredom anyway. Having said that at least one of my dogs would possibly be not really compatible with such a service because he isn't so good with strangers. I guess it would be different if it was a 'doggy playdate'.

    Anywho I know a lot of people who would rather stick a pin into their eye than letting someone else look after their dog I offered a friend, who is working fulltime, on several occasions that she was welcome to bring over her dog for the day to hang out with her mate (Nero)... I was working from home so I would have had en eye on them. But she never took it up. No trust in others than herself I guess So I stopped offering.
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    Hi Margoo,
    Thanks so much for your feedback. I think you're spot on, lots of people out there wouldn't use it and that's fair enough, but I think lots also would, especially if you got to know the doggy sitter well first. My intention is exactly like you said, to make a dogs life the absolute best it could be- and we all know how much they love attention!

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    I'd be sceptical of a free service and I would worry about my hounds with strangers.

    I've worked for years and invested lots of time, energy, love and money with a rescue dog (my staffy x girl, Rosie) who was badly mistreated and we've worked hard on training, confidence building, behavioural issues, trust issues, etc so I'm super careful who I let around my hounds. I think there are many others who might feel similar.

    In saying this, I would pay for a service with experienced and qualified people who could pop in during the day, to break the 7 hours I'm at work. Not for a huge amount of time but maybe a wee play about and run around the block. It sounds like a great idea in theory.

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    I don't think the average dog lover would know how to handle my Chloe.
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    I see that too Dogman.

    I've had a few people offer to look after my evil hound and been sorry - she takes over the household and makes decisions like a toddler...

    a dog minder cannot be rewarding that kind of behaviour and stay sane.

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