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It's not just vets but also human GPs that are sometimes not as helpful as they can be when it comes to getting help with whatever problems you might have.

They have a whole bunch of terms for "I don't know" what the problem is eg "irritable bowel syndrome" - just means ongoing unexplained tummy upsets. And the patient really needs to be so persistent to get more useful information. And this usually means spending money.

So I go into the vet or the doctor with a list and some questions eg what else could it be? and what else can I do? In some cases it's taken 30 years to get good answers and sometimes that is because when I first got the problem - they didn't know how to diagnose it or wouldn't recognise it if they did see the problem in front of them. Very frustrating.

It may also be a bit like this forum when you've answered the question before - and you forget you haven't told the person you're talking to now - the stuff that everyone needs to know.

There is a really scary story on the ABC Radio National Health Report website about a woman who got a lump - and it was diagnosed as breast cancer and she was started on very expensive and invasive therapy without getting any of the tests done first to see what was really going on or how much dose was required. And she was a nurse but she panicked and didn't start asking questions until months and months into her personal hell.

So bad diagnosis and inappropriate treatment can happen to anyone and it's more likely to happen if you go to someone who is not a specialist in the area eg vet vs oncologist...

Yes I would agree although I have to say that I circumvent my doctors and have my free breast screens an on occassion there have been potential issues, the breast assessment clinic at RPH where one is referred have been amazing. They do all the investigative stuff by the book and have specialists on hand through the whole process.

My father died because he was continnuously mis diagnosed so I have certainly seen that side of things. I am very wary of doctors on the whole. If you get a good one they are like gold.