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    Hi Everyone!
    Just wondering if anyone knows of any natural ways to help eliminate mosquitoes from biting the dogs, maybe some essential oils that are helpful?

    Our dogs are up to date with their heartworm tablets however each night I bring them inside as I can just see the mossies all over them the poor things must be itchy!

    I don't want to use anything with chemicals.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Hi peppersmummy

    you mean you don't want to use anything with toxic chemicals? Cos water is a chemical. The air we breath is a bunch of different chemicals including Oxygen molecules but too much of that (or water) is toxic...

    Rosemary is supposed to be a good insect repellent. An equestrian shop I like sells a sort of rosemary spray on. Frosty doesn't like it much and I haven't noticed whether it actually does repel mozzies but it does smell nice.

    wormwood, lavender and mint are all supposed to be good bug repellants.

    but personally I am quite willing to give up a couple of years of my life to be without mozzies. I use a plug in mozzie zapper pad system.

    You can also get this with a candle in a glass container like an old fashioned lantern.

    Most of the mozzie killers are made from pyrethrum which is made from extract of pyrethrum daisy - which is natural. But maybe not harmless. Certainly not harmless to mozzies and other insects.

    I guess pyrethrum is slightly less toxic than DEET which is used in most put-on-your-skin repellants.

    It's also good if you can work out where the mozzies are coming from and reduce the population.

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    I used a product called walkabout which was a rollon that was made from essentail oils of eucalptus, peppermint , citronella etc. I used it when I went travelling in the tropics and it worked really well. I was quite surprised because I thought I was going to have to use DEET as the mossies were huge and aggressive.

    I guess with dogs you will have to be aware that they may try to lick whatever you use off and that maybe toxic, essentail oils incuded.

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    I use garlic in the diet and lavender oil, works fine next to a lake with masses of mozi's

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