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Thread: Jumper to keep my dog warm?

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    Default Jumper to keep my dog warm?

    I'm after recommendations on a quality jumper to keep our mini foxie warm. So far the ones in the local pet shops appear to be very thin and cheap. She's only a little dog at 4.2kg so she only needs a small one.

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    My dog gets kind of offended if I try to put a coat on her, tho she will tolerate the cool champions coat (when wet - designed to keep her cool, when it's dry it can be warm... but you can't leave a dog in it unsupervised because if they're meant to be warm and they get it wet - they will be cold and vice versa...

    I've seen lots of dog jumpers made out of old human jumpers, you just cut the arm off an old fleecy and cut holes in the right places for the dog...

    This shop has nice looking ones...
    Polar fleece dog coats -PASSION PETS

    some equestrian supplies have weatherbeeta
    Dog, Coats, Dog Blankets, Outdoor Dog Rugs, Indoor Dog Rugs, Fleece Dog Rugs, Horseland

    drizabone oil skin with fleece lining coats... tho I think this is overkill - they can be quite stiff and heavy. Frosty said there was no way in hell she'd wear one of these.

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