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Thread: getting a dog, ideas?

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    Staffords In Need have got some lovely staffies looking for homes

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    Quote Originally Posted by LisaS View Post
    Staffords In Need have got some lovely staffies looking for homes
    I am biased and I have 2 but they are the bestest dog ever (or at least mine are!)

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    They really do chase is a kool looking dog, but I don't think I'll get a staff. At least not yet.
    Hahaha cheers hyacinth, that derpy huh? Ah well if they're slow on the pickup but still good at taking up commands that's fine, just makes it all a little more entertaining for the dog. Ideally the dog starts enjoying learning but food is ideal. Recall for dinner? How so? Like just calling for dinner the sit and stay or is there more to it
    Yeah hundreds of staffys and while I like pointers but much like staffies I don't think they're for me at this point in my life.

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    Hey guys, how about a Berna??

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    Berna - do you mean a Bernese Mountain Dog? They're almost as big as a Saint Bernard, probably won't be up for jogging (too heavy), and extremely hairy - so will be toasty warm in winter but probably stressed in summer as an outside dog - I know it hasn't been very hot this year but we usually crack 35'C for a week or so even in Melbourne.

    Like just calling for dinner the sit and stay or is there more to it
    There is no way you could sneaky prep the dog's dinner and it not be right there at the appointed place waiting. But yes - sit stay (or drop stay) training in front of dinner works. eg

    You need to be able to put the dinner all the way down without the dog getting up to help themselves. They need to wait until you say the magic "permission to eat" word.

    But recall is when you start them in a stay in front of their dinner and then call them away from the magic dinner place to somewhere else. Eg my dog gets her dinner at the edge of the kitchen near the back door. So I call her to the lounge room, or the back yard, or from the kitchen to the lounge room so she goes past her dinner and she has to come. If she stops to steal it, I tell her oops (don't usually have to add a collar grab to that) and we start over. But I know I've made the task slightly too hard, but I try the same recall path again to see if she learned that she has to come by the dinner.

    Collar grab - is a foundation game - we do lots of that all the time - paired with treats, lead off, lead on, pats... tug games (with the lead)... and just in front of the telly for fun.

    Stay and permission to eat - every night - more foundation...

    recall - you have to build on pairing the dog's name with good things and the recall word with good things.

    So I start with recall 1m away from dinner - and reward that with something better than dinner like a bit of dried roo or a cracker or chip or bit of roast chicken, then give immediate permission to eat dinner. Ie if she can come 1m away from her dinner to me - it pays BIG TIME.

    And I build up from that.

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