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Thread: Aussie Dog Lovers Duped by Web Scammers

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    Default Aussie Dog Lovers Duped by Web Scammers

    I just found this news article, not sure about anyone else, but no way in hell would i ever fall for internet pet sales etc, i honestly don't understand how some people can trust or buy their pets online etc, especially from Africa- South Africa, i'm amazed by the amount of people that fall for any such inet sales, scams, emails etc that are coming from Africa - South Africa based, its often made public on the news etc about type of scams & where they are coming from, you would think that this would ring alarm bells in peoples heads, but it doesn't

    Animal lovers are being duped by internet scammers who promise to deliver cute puppies to their homes.

    Prospective puppy owners have paid for the animals via money transfer on the internet, NSW Fair Trading minister Linda Burney says, but the puppies do not exist.

    "The ads usually offer registered puppies and include health certificates and micro-chipping for a `too-good-to-be-true' price," she said in a statement on Friday.

    The seller's purported location varies from overseas to an Australian address.

    Ms Burney said it was impossible to import an animal from overseas into Australia in a few weeks, as quarantine procedures needed to be followed.

    Her warning follows a Port Macquarie man's ill-fated attempt to buy a bulldog puppy for his children online earlier this month.

    Evan Ross was about to pay a $150 fee by money transfer when his suspicion was raised by the Cameroon, Africa address of the organisation, Port Macquarie News reported.

    When Mr Ross attempted to call the company he found it didn't exist.

    The scammers reportedly told him his dog was waiting at Brisbane Airport, but when he called the airport there was no record of the canine.

    Ms Burney said any arrangement asking for up-front payment by cash, money order or money transfer should be avoided.

    "Don't provide bank account details, credit card numbers or other personal details to businesses you do not completely trust," she said.

    "Always get professional advice when buying pets online so you know exactly what you are buying."

    If consumers are hit by a scam, they should call Fair Trading on 13 32 20.

    Aussie dog lovers duped by web scammers

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    I think i heard something like this, But it was people offering to deliver your pup and it never turns up.

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    I had someone try to scam me by replying by email to a lost ad of my dog.
    He said he had my dog, found him running accross the road and was now in Tasmania with my dog, the reason being that he was a truck driver.
    I instantly knew it was a scam because when i thought about it it didnt add up and why didnt he just call when i left a number on the ad. I went along with this scammer to see where it would go. In the end he said he didnt want a reward just money for the air ticket and crate etc.
    After the punch line I gave him an abusive response and that was that.
    Found out on another forum he had done it to a number of other people that had lost their dogs.

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    Oh Obie,not only is that disgustingly wrong,it's terribly sad.
    To cash in peoples grief really shows what some people are capable of.
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