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Thread: We are moving overseas!! Need advice!!

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    Nice dogs Shaneo

    I dunno where Sean is but he has two mastiff a bit like your girl on the right - tho it's hard to imagine either of them being anxious about anything.

    Bizarre how some of the big dogs get it. Was just remembering my friend's great dane from way back when - their house got burgled - guess where they found the dog...

    Under a child's bed.

    Don't know how it fitted under there but it was always very shy.

    I think if you cover the sides of the crate with a sheet or blanky your anxious dog will love it.

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    we moved our wolfhounds with us to the USA, about 15 years ago and we opted not to sedate, we had a nervous dog that would vomit when stressed and we were afraid he would inhale it!

    We had 2 giant crates custom made, they slept in the crates for about a month before we left, we put nice soft beds etc! when the day came we took them for a run in the morning, then left the job of actually crating them until the last minute, we also only gave them a light meal on the day of the flight! they had water in their crates but no real food, just a couple of treats! Make sure you have 3 or 4 copies of their records, especially vaccination etc, attach one to each crate and carry a copy each....if these get lost it can be a happened to a friend! make sure they have good collars on with clear identification, also clearly mark the crates. Try not to make a big deal out of, it will only make them feel anxious.

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    Thanks Cas!

    I have had the crates at home for two days so far and have managed to get Layla to go inside without any issues but Roxy (the one with the anxiety) wont put all four paws in the crate, she will stretch herself out to eat her food but keeps her back legs outside...I dont want to force in because it will make her freak out even more.

    Im not sure how people get their dogs to be happy to be in the crates withing half an hour because its a lot different with my girls.

    Anything else I could try apart from games and food, should I just get her in the crate and shut the door? I do fell like doing that will make it harder for me to get her anywhere near it on the day of the flight.

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    should I just get her in the crate and shut the door?
    I'd avoid that.

    you just give her a really good excuse to be totally freaked out about the crate.

    Maybe to break it down a bit, you could teach her to put all four paws on a mat, reward that. Use really really high value treats like for my dog - that's roo jerky, raw roo mince, roast chicken skin, and yiros meat. And maybe hot chips. It's good if it's something you like eating as much as the dog does, because if the dog doesn't do the required behaviour you can eat the chip in front of them - major incentive...

    Play this game before the dog's main meal. Ie make sure she's hungry.

    So when the dog is good at putting all four paws on the mat - play the game next to the crate...

    then put the mat in the crate.

    Say "yes" and treat if the dog sniffs, puts her head in (treat), puts a paw in.. (treat) puts two paws in... (treat)

    then gradually increase the criteria - to wait for three paws then four paws. When you treat for investigating or putting a head or paw in the crate - throw the treat to the back of the crate.

    You may have to play this game with your dog on lead so she can't nick off while you're working with her.
    And break it up over several sessions... break it up.

    Like this:
    Have something like sixty little bits of chicken or sausage and try to get your treats up at the rate of 1 every 5 seconds, and play the game over 3 minutes then give it a break and do something else.

    Let her go where she likes to the limit of the lead and say "good dog" if she goes back towards the crate - and depending where she's at with it, say yes and treat with something yummy. It's important to "reward in position" ie place the reward so she has to go further towards the crate to get the treat.

    if you have two paws in the crate but her butt is still outside, throw a treat to the back - then call her. If she can't stand up full height and turn easily in the crate (should be easier than backing out) the crate is too small. Get a bigger one. Try to get her to turn around in the crate (without getting the lead tangled - give her plenty of slack) and treat her when the last paw goes in.

    If you can get someone to help dispense treats at the back of the crate - that would be good - faster than if she's looking back to you for the treats. You can also put them in a cup on top of the crate at the back... but she only gets them when she's investigating the crate.

    And at some point when she's got comfy with four paws on the mat, and some paws in the crate - you have to increase the standard she achieves to get the treats. Which might involve some frustration from her (barking and carrying on - but at least that's not anxious).

    Put the other dog in a different room while you're having a session.

    Balance breaks - before and after a session - play with your dog - any game she likes. Tug, chase you, curl in a ball and hide something under you - find the toy game, anything that gets her excited.

    Then put her on lead - stand next to the crate and act boring until she looks at the crate - yes: treat (treat in position that moves her slightly closer to the crate) etc.

    Do three sessions a day - but break them up with other things. And try not to get frustrated.

    What you want is for her to think of the crate as this really fun thing with loads and loads of really yummy treats.

    If you bought or borrowed the crate games dvd - it explains this.

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