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    Hi all,

    My wife and I have just moved into our new place and have been looking at a few breeds. We both want a Husky however I have done my research and just want to ensure we have the right conditions for the pup.

    We both work 8-5 typically
    We have a small back yard plus an alfresco area outside.
    Inside its a single story house but large enough.

    We would be easily walking/runs in the morning or after work this won't be a problem.

    Our main concern is leaving the husky pup alone for 8/9 hours whilst we both work.

    How do they react to this and what destruction will they do to our new home! I have read up on crate training but that feels a bit like a prison.

    Any thoughts on if our situation is just not ideal for this breed.


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    Hey Led-Zep,
    My Wife and I just got a 6 week old Malli and even though she is young we work the similar hours as you but also has two indoor cats, despite being at work she is normally aware that someone is at home. I grew up with Malli's and alot of breeders will say you need to leave them alone for short periods is wrong, honestly if you have enough toys and plenty of water they will be fine. You also need to tire out your puppy and when your home show them lots of love and affection. A tired puppy is a happy puppy, alot of Northern breeds end up in shelters because owners are too tired to give them the TLC they need and they develop behavioural issues.. Its like owning a V8 and driving on the motorway, your car was created for power and speed.. Good luck

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    As for crate training, we purchased a soft crate and our girl loves going inside and playing with her toys but we dont lock her in it, shes only 6 weeks turning 7 and Northern Breeds are pack dogs and like to be around there pack. Maybe when shes 8 weeks we will train her, you want your puppy to have good experiences.

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    My concern is do we leave the husky inside all day or outside? We had a dog years ago who was outside all day, of course with the husky it would be different.

    My wife is the one concerned with our furniture being ruined as well as how we crate train, do we leave them in the crate when we are at work?

    Any husky owners who can give me some tips?

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    For more than 4 hours no.. Put your puppy in a confined area inside, until shes old enough to be outside. You want to make the crate a happy place and not a prison. We confine our puppy access to every where thats not carpeted and no access to the lounge.. Remeber that northern breeds are pack breeds.. And you must be a good pack leader, you always get the best out of everything and you always win when playing games that ends up being a winner and loser and if you cant win then never play such games

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    Hi Led-Zep

    Make sure the dog you get is at least 8 weeks old, microchipped and vaccinated.

    Ideally you want to see health checks (DNA tests eg PRA and joint xray (hip and elbow scores) reports) for both parent dogs too. Ie you want a breeder who gets all this done when deciding which dogs to breed together for the best chances at good long term health.

    Disorders by Breed - Siberian husky - LIDA Dogs - Faculty of Veterinary Science - The University of Sydney

    You don't want to leave a tiny puppy outside all day - especially not one of these in the Australian summer. Puppies and some older dogs - do not have any sense of self preservation. But you do want to limit the opportunity for destruction so a crate or a play pen (bunnings mesh compost panels can help here) or a space where the dog doesn't have the opportunity to destroy things (eg shut the doors to the bedrooms and the lounge room).

    And give the dog - kongs loaded with frozen kibble and yogurt or frozen chicken or whatever. Note you need to measure what you give during the day and subtract from the total meal allowance.

    Also puppies do not need lots of exercise at once. The rule of thumb so you don't get early arthritis and other joint problems is - 5 minutes per month of age. So 10 minutes in one session when you first get puppy is enough. But you may have to do it again in a couple of hours.

    Also an 8 week old puppy will probably need to toilet every couple of hours - so if you go out and leave it for 8 hours you can expect to come home to about 4 messes on the floor. And if you want to toilet train - the less messes inside the better. By 14 to 18 weeks - they should be better at holding on.

    everything you need to know about puppies is here.
    Dog Star Daily

    and play pens or crates can be had here. For a puppy - might want to start with a mesh one with a blanket over it - that is held away from the sides by a slab of cardboard moving box (or the box the crate comes in) over the top or the puppy will pull the blanket into the crate and shred it.

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    Cheers for the info!

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