I also advise to get a replacement.
But how cute does coda look with his prized new toy! very lovely

Bernie does this with 'prized things'. As we live in a family, where all the toys are mine, all the bones are theirs. I get the toys out a lot however. A new one, like you say, is often a death sentence to it.
This christmas, i too have found a beauty. For $5.99 from a $2 shop, i purchased a vibrating, glow in the dark, self bouncing/jumping all over the place, plays nasty music too. Bernie is obsessed. He wants to kill it, only its vibrating, and he has yet to learn to tolerate that sensation. He's crying in his high pitched voice, much like dogs that lurve to attack scary lawnmowers get their brave on.
Im removing it, before he's used to the vibrations and mouthing it. He points to were the toys is these days, begging for someone to get it out. < annoying if im honest.