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Thread: any ideas for a dog proof chicken run?

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    Here you go :-)

    2015-03-31 07.59.08.jpg

    On that note, we need to do something about the garden bed next to the pen. Our old dog initially gave the chickens a bit of a hard time, pouncing at the fence a fair bit. We made the garden bed, planted some plants that were beneficial to the chooks (comfrey, tansy and wormwood to be precise), and fenced it off with star pickets and dog wire as a temporary measure. Once those plants had established, we removed the star pickets and dog wire and the dog couldn't see the chickens and thus left them alone. The puppy has been quite intrigued by the chickens for the past few weeks and has made a mess of the garden bed (hence the lack of green stuff in the garden bed). Back to the star pickets and dog wire. At least that leaves only the gate area where he can pounce at them, and they really don't spend a lot of time hanging around there.

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    shade cloth can do wonders for the dog's view. Or blocking it. It's pretty tough stuff too.

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