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Thread: Why do dogs hump your foot, sponge bob cushion, each other, the air.... article

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    Lightbulb Why do dogs hump your foot, sponge bob cushion, each other, the air.... article

    Just might not always be what some of you thought it was.

    I always thought it was because "it's fun" - according to the article - sometimes - not always...

    What the article doesn't really cover is what you do about it if it bothers you... but that's a training game.

    Buzz Hoot Roar – Lessons from the Schoolyard: Why Do Dogs Hump?

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    I've never seen Dodge try to hump anything. Koda only ever does it to me if he hasn't seen me in ages and is exceptionally excited...I have noticed a trend over the years though... of the few male dogs that Koda has gotten along with, he's usually ended up trying to hump them... not female dogs though... just male ones... he must be gay He also humps calves... no idea why...

    My old dog Oscar that I grew up with used to hump the air whenever he was happy... which was a lot! My parents called it his happy dance... it took me quite a few years to understand what he was actually doing...

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    Never had a dog do that...I suppose there are many reasons as to why this happens but I doubt the experts know either.
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