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    What do you think about this? That is the cleaning done under anaesthetic.

    Growing up we had kelpie x's and they were fed a can of dog food and given the lamb roast bone AFTER it was cooked. They also munched on cooked chop bones and only had veggies if there were left overs. They never had any teeth problems and lived to a ripe age. As far as I can remember they never went to the vet unless they were actually sick.

    The vet is talking about doing the schnauzers teeth that have some plaque.

    Is it necessary or another way for vets to get our money?

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    If your dog will let you poke around in his mouth - you can do it manually yourself.

    but if you want a full dental clean like the dental hygienist does for you - then GA is usually the only way. Unless you've trained the dog to be ok with an electric tooth brush in his mouth.

    And my ex dental hygienist - I don't think I could train a dog to be nice to her. She likes to cause pain.

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    I agree with MMJ. Give your dog lots of bones and you shouldn't have any teeth problems. My dogs haven't had bones for a while now and their teeth are looking a little yucky... After a few bones, their teeth will be as good as new!

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    Yes I feed raw bones and have never had a problem.

    My friend nearly lost her dog from a cooked chop bone when it penetrated his bowel so steer clear of those.

    Some dogs cant tolerate bones so a teeth clean might be neccessary. Apparently gum disease can shorten a dogs life as it releases bacteria into the bloodstream that can harm internal organs over time.

    My friend lost her 3 yo papillion when it went under anasthetic for a routine dental clean.

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    My GSD Rex apart from dry kibble gets one brisket bone once a nearly 12 yrs of age has had his teeth cleaned once about 3 years ago and under anesthetic of cause...I don't think any vet would do it without anesthetic.

    I was told you can use your fingernail to pick the tartar off and some people use dog toothpaste but I've never tried this myself...never feed cooked bones...never give bones that are too hard or too many as they can damage your dogs teeth and cause problems internally.
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    I have given raw bones from time to time and now give lambs neck once a week or fortnight. I always watch her she can gulp her food. In the hot weather I give bones frozen to slow her down and cool her.
    Her teeth aren't really bad but its more cleaning the build up that won't be reversed.

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