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    Hi All!!
    First time poster here.

    Little background info, I have a 2 year old lovable Border Collie, an all round great dog, i wouldn't say he is the most co-ordinated BC, or the most agile... but that's what makes him my dog haha...

    HE gets plenty of exercise with me with either walks, going for a swim down the river or trips to the dog park everyday.
    As far as temperament goes he is really chilled and doesn't have some of the neurotic tendency's that I've seen other collies have, like chasing shadows and butterflies and running all day, "Dougy" would rather just hang out at my feet or and have fun playing fetch.

    The problem he has developed lately is down the off leash area, he has been going there since he was old enough to have his vacs and used to love playing with the other working dogs and pups, there is about 20 ish other regulars he has grown up with and was always the submissive type, but now he is older he is becoming more dominant and is starting to snarl and nip at other dogs (especially younger) when they come up to say hello...
    He also doesn't play anymore with the other dogs but rather patrols around the main group and tries to herd one other dog in in particular (another collie) when a ball is thrown or something like that.

    My question is, the stalking and snarling other pups i'm assuming is not an aggressive thing just a mixture of dominance and herding mentality, but i worry about other dog owners at the park getting scared off thing my dog is "attacking" theirs... And any advice on how to combat this before is becomes a habit would be great.

    He has been desexed.

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Exactly the same thing happened to me when Maggie turned two and I posted the same thing recently. She improves if we leave the ball at home (see post 'Grumpy Bitch'). It does appear a bit of a BC thing that many get decreasingly sociable as they mature. I am fortunate that Maggie is polite to puppies even great dane puppies but gives any dog bigger than her short shrift. Anticipating and getting them out of the situation is the key but like you I know I won't always be able to.

    I am working on a leave it/them command at the moment. For exactly the situation you describe. She doesn't bother about other dogs balls as she was taught to leave them alone by a grumpy maltese/shitzu cross when she was a small pup. Balls in play make it tricky.

    Putting her on the lead makes it worse if it is a pushy dog as she then feels vulnerable and gets more aggro.

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    the stalking and snarling other pups i'm assuming is not an aggressive thing just a mixture of dominance and herding mentality
    erm - could be an aggressive thing. If you don't like it - get your dog working on something else. Any polite behaviour he does show to puppies or other dogs - make sure you tell him what a good dog he is.

    I've had to work pretty hard on my dog lately because if I scold another owner or try to avoid a dog pulling on lead towards us... my dog decides it's her job to help. So I have to stay super calm and up beat (think play school voice) or she will have a go at the other dog and she nips and hurts them too. Which certainly does freak the other owners out - no matter how clueless they are about the consequences of their dog getting in my dog's face despite her polite back off signals.

    So I keep her away from dogs I think will trigger her (or me) to go off. And I praise her for good behaviour and she loves a good belly rub - but it's up to me to stop big dogs jumping on her when she's upside down... so she's quite a bit better at the moment.

    We also practice calm behaviour before we go out the front door where she gets very excited. Which is not always easy for her but leads to good behaviour elsewhere.

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