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Thread: Changing Dog Names

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    Question Changing Dog Names

    Should I change my new dogs name or not.

    Finally decided on my new walking campanion and have just picked her up.
    She is a five year old kelpie and absolutely beautiful and so well trained.

    Short story: Needed a walking campanion and finally found this kelpie. The dog comes from a lovely family who have had her since a pup but due to the husband having an affair and taking off with the new girlfriend he left behind this lovely kelpie called Kel. (Husband's loss if you ask me)

    As the dog belonged to her husband and bad memories this lady and her kids have decided the dog needs another home. ( This family is beautiful, beautiful house on acres, beautiful kids but I think circumstances prevent them from keeping the dog.) (Husband must have been on drugs to leave this, I just hope he left for better and if not he is the biggest loser)

    The dog has been very well looked after and is so patient and obedient. I am so happy with her but not really keen on the name. Will changing her name confuse her.

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    I don't know if changing her name at 5 years old will confuse her. Just curious, What name do you have in mind? IMO I like Kel

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    Congratulations! Sounds like you got yourself a beautiful buddy there.
    I think that it's ok to change the name. It will however take a couple/few weeks before your dog responds to it's new name, you could maybe speed things up by keeping the first letter of it's name the same.
    Can't wait for pics

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    I usually recommend that if someone wants to change one of my rescue Pugs' names that they change it to something that sounds similar. For example 'Fitch' to 'Mitch' .... or Fluffy to Buffy.... Boofy.... soemthing that ends with the 'ee' sound.

    However, in having said that, a dog will come to any anme and will leanr to recognise the new name within a surprisingly short time and it doesn't harm them to be called a different name.
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    Billie was Tori before I got her - never answered to Tori here, always Billie. Her name before? Who knows? She came here when she was at least 8.

    All my rescues get names and are happy enough with it. Flash hated his name change at first but Chewy was not an appropriate name for a dog with dermatitis.

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