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    Default Is it possible?

    I have been feeding Mimi (20 months old) raw meat for the past 2 months or so and found that she eats better and with appetite. She is very energetic and loves the outdoors. Twice daily, we take her to the park and throw the ball for her to fetch. She LOVES that ball! On the second outing to the park in the afternoons, when we throw the ball for her to fetch, there will be an other dog that runs along side her, pushing her sideways, not for the ball, but to compete with Mimi. She doesn't like that at all !!! She gets to the ball, picks it up and as she starts heading back with the other dog still alongside her, she will get very annoyed at it, drop her ball and attack it. She doesn't bite, but gets really angry and shows her teeth. Once the other dog cowars, Mimi picks up her ball and brings it back to me.
    I should add that when Mimi arrives at the park, almost all dogs run towards her. This has always been so since she was a small puppy. I don't understand that popularity because she doesn't seek any of them. She does acknowledge each one when she arrives but the moment she runs, everyone runs after her. Mimi is of medium size but is a very strong dog. She knows her boundaries and will always avoid the possibillity of conflict when she senses that a dog is stronger than her. She doesn't cowar but moves away.
    Is it possible that the raw diet is the reason for this behaviour? I am concerned.

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    Hi there

    I don't think her raw food diet has anything to do with the way things are at the dog park. It all sounds quite normal to me...I'd suggest not throwing the ball when other dogs are around as mimi obviously likes it to be just her game (a lot of dogs are the same). As for her being popular...that's great too
    I love taking Candy to the dog park...she too is miss popular lol.

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    As Ozey said,certainly nothing to do with the diet

    She is just reacting to the dog annoying/crowding her when she is playing with you. Can you have a little freindly talk with the owner of the other dog perhaps?
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    It's her ball

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    Mimi doesn't mind dogs running for the ball at the same time as her, she loves that as she almost always gets there first (we think she has some whippet in her) I am sure now that what she dislikes is what Choppa Chop described as 'annoying/crowding' as these dogs she attacks are practically on top of her when she runs. Ozeymum, I wish she wasn't so popular. She is oblivious to it and doesn't like a lot of attention from other dogs (she prefers that of humans). A sniff hello is all she can take but while playing and running around, she doesn't miss a beat of what is happening - humans and dogs alike! four socks you're right.. it IS her ball afterall! By the way the Mums of the dogs Mimi had a go at did not mind at all what was happening and did not worry one bit!

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    I think Mimi is the "cool" dog. She's the one the others are trying to figure out as she is more interested in you than them. Most dogs aren't used to that - they probably find her intense relationship with you fascinating.

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