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Thread: Desexed dog is getting restless

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    Default Desexed dog is getting restless

    Hello everyone

    My six month old border collie got de-sexed on Monday and he is getting very restless, pacing, crying, wanting to play. The vet said he needs to rest but all he wants to do is play. He has internal stitches too. Is there something i can do to make him not bored?

    I got to school but my sister is home studying for uni exams so she gives him attention when she is on breaks.

    Thank you!

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    One of my newfie is resting after surgery and she is a very active dog..we are learning tricks that do not require too much movement, such as different touches and counting..also pawing different toys on cue. There are also puzzles for dogs, but you can make one out of a muffin tray and some plastic cups. Just put dry food under a couple and let him find them.keep changing. It tires them out mentally
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    This should help

    It's a bunch of tricks you can try to train while the dog is on must "rest" orders. Learning a new trick can be just as tiring as going for a walk for much longer than the training session. I usually set a timer or a treat limit and train until the alarm goes off (5 mins) or the 10 treats run out (sooner). It's important to stop while you're both still having fun.

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