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Thread: Tick treatments with Comfortis

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    Hi everyone,

    Am wondering what you all use for tick treatments if the flea treatment doesn't do ticks (Comfortis). I've previously used both Comfortis for fleas with Advantix for the ticks on my older dog as he had bad flea allergies (no fleas, but was still scratching like mad in the spots where they used to be), but using both of these treatments can get quite expensive. I was thinking of getting a tick collar to use with the Comfortis tablets, but have read mixed reviews on how well tick collars work. Does anyone use something different? I also prefer Comfortis over Advantix as it is ingestible and won't wash off, and also, I feel, more reliable (my 4 month old pup still scratches even with Advantix on - possible flea allergy)

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    I had some proban tablets - but they must be bad - because you can't get them any more.

    SA vet recommended using revolution and Advantix at the same time (chemical overload much?).

    I now have some frontline tick stuff that I don't know when I will use because it doesn't do heart worm like revolution does.

    I've got no idea and glad that paralysis ticks are not here yet. Nothing beats an all over tick check daily including asking for a bark on command...

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    I live in Victoria Australia, where ticks do not. So none of that on my dogs. Despite being offered tick treatment at every vet visit ive had in victoria (rolls eyes)
    and i use a lake swim daily for drowning the fleas.

    im off the less chemicals the better school.

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    I hate using chemicals too - but we are in a very bad tick area and after having a dog succumb to paralysis tick, I use chemicals

    I use Frontline plus every two weeks for ticks (during the worst of the season) and have a Preventic collar on one of my dogs who is outside more. I find the Preventic collar seems to work, as before using it the dog had ticks constantly Also, the Preventic collar doesn't stink like the Killtix!
    We don't have heart worm here ... yet. If we go to stay in an area where it's a problem I treat the dogs for Heartworm for the following three months with a monthly tablet.
    FYI the stinky Killtix collar does fleas too

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