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Thread: Crate training pup with another housebroken dog in the house

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    Default Crate training pup with another housebroken dog in the house

    Hi guys,

    I want to crate train my 7 month old staffy Vincent since he's still having toilet accidents (getting better, though) and is destructive when we leave the house. We have another dog, Max, who lives with us. He's housebroken and well behaved indoors. Right now they have their own beds which are next to each other in a corner of the living room, although they often snuggle up together on one bed.

    I was thinking of putting the crate in their sleeping area with Max's bed next to it/close by.

    Also will it be okay with one dog crated and the other roaming free, or should I try and crate train them both? Max is fine in the house but I'm anticipating some sort of jail break scenario if I leave one in and one out. I'd prefer not to have them both in one crate since their play come sometimes get too intense if unsupervised and I'm trying to discourage Vincent from being too nippy and pushy.

    Would appreciate your advice and experience!


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    Hi kimmy
    i think Max will be your biggest asset in crate training vincent.
    It is fine to crate one, and not the other.
    It is a good idea to place the crate near you, so vincent can see all that is going on, be close to you.

    so begin with crate training max, IN FRONT of vincent. Meal gets served in crate for Max, bones get given to Max in the crate to chew. Once vincent has gotten the envy bug, swap,and feed vincent in crate, then fetch games going in and out of crate, then bone to chew in crate. Dont let dogs out o crates that are whineing, as it reinforces whine and you get let out. Make sure great things happen in crates, and the dogs like mine, will soon vie for who gets the crate!

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    You probably need two crates...

    My dog and her best friend try to get in the crate together... her friend is a bull terrier so there isn't always enough room, depending which crate I brought with me.

    Always reward the dog you're not training - as much as the one you are training - for being good and staying in their designated spot.

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