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Thread: The Pup Who Never Grew Up

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    Question The Pup Who Never Grew Up

    I have a 3 and half year old Staffy/Shitzu/Silky. She is a wonderful dog, I love her to death, she loves everyone she meets, and I suppose that's her problem. Whenever she see's anybody, she just gets so uncontrollably excited. The tail goes crazy, she can't stand still, jumping around so much she actually scares little kids, and any dog that see's her rambunctious behavior ends up barking at her because they don't know what to do. I've tried everything I can think of to calm her down, training her to sit (which she does without company no problem), picking her up, holding her down, telling her no. Everybody wants to pat her because she's cute, but she won't stay still long enough for anyone to lay a hand on her. Any ideas?

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    Hi Belly's Mum

    You need to train a sit.

    Then you need to train a sit with distractions.

    Every time you allow your dog to attempt at greeting when she isn't behaving calmly how you want - you reward the excited behaviour. ie you get more of it. I guess you've noticed that already.

    Same as allowing your dog to pull on lead - gets more pulling on lead...

    Then you need to train a sit with extreme distractions - build up the distraction level gradually.

    Can she hold a nice sit in other situations - eg in front of her dinner. That's my dog's most excited time. After door bell ringing. eg I think she would leave dinner to answer the door...

    But it's a start for training some impulse control.

    The easiest way to reduce the distractions of greetings is to increase distance.

    So we have a treat lady at our park - who is very exciting... for dogs who love their food...

    So I will point her out to my dog when we are the opposite side of the football oval eg nearly 100m away. And my dog is excited... but then I ask her to do a nice sit, and then heel in the direction of the treat lady (might as well get it over with)... but if my dog gets to the end of the lead - we stop and she has to come back - no help from me -to a nice heel pos again. If she can't do that, we turn and go away from the treat lady (OMG) but my dog figures this out... and we can get to about 5m with reasonably calm behaviour. The last 5m I can't get because that's when the treat lady gets her treats out and starts waving them round. She's not trainable.

    You have to pick some of your battles.

    Mostly for greetings of children - I ask my dog to do a drop-stay. We practice this in front of dinner too. If she can't hold the drop stay - she doesn't get to say hello... and I ask the children to be one at a time. And I'm really careful about toddlers or children under about 5 - because they like to poke dogs in the eyes. And I don't want that experience for either of them. I get to say "she's not a toy, and she's not your toy" quite a lot.

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