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    We (Myself, OH and our furbaby Leo) are going on holidays in beginning of Feb to Coffs harbour. (I love Coffs harbour!)

    But wanted to know peoples opinions who live/often visit what the best doggie beaches are. I have read up on council sites and alike myself but just wanted some personal suggestions please

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    I've never been to Coffs harbour.

    We are holidaying up on qld's rainbow beach this sept.. There are holiday homes up there for families with dogs right on the beach...but they are all booked out this yr, so the dogs miss out this time round

    Hope you all have fun!!!!!

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    We (Oh and I before Leo) went to coffs for our first holiday together, so it holds special memories. I just love it there! Its such a special feeling for us (As soppy as that is!) This will be Leos first time in Coffs though, he came to Forster for his first holiday last year and loved it of course.

    OHH I have read about rainbow beach many times (Amongst my travel accom searches) It looks amazing! You guys will have a blast im sure! Where are the dogs off too? Kennels/family? Either way its a little mini holiday for them too

    Hope you guys have fun too! I dont know that i can wait till Feb, might have to sneak myself into your suitcase for September hehehe

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