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Thread: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel questions

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    Default Cavalier King Charles Spaniel questions

    Hi, I have done a lot of research into dog breeds and are considering getting a Cavalier King Charles, but have a few questions that I just can't find a definitive answer for online and was hoping anyone who owns or has owned a Cavalier can help me with:

    1. Do they bark? We live in a townhouse, so this is an issue...
    2. How much shedding are we talking? I have owned poodles in the past so have never had to deal with shedding before. Some websites say a little, some say a lot - how much are we talking about?! Vacuuming twice a week??
    3. I work part-time, 3 days a week 9am-5pm at present (the drive is only 5 mins), but this will reduce to 1 or 2 days next year as my home business grows. Can a Cavalier handle that amount of separation?

    Any advice would be most helpful.

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    Hi sbh23

    One of my friends owns a cav - but it lives in a multi dog household with two other small dogs.

    It has heart murmurs and is pretty lazy dog. My friend and her partner are often out all day at work - and then their dogs have access to inside and outside via a doggy door but I think they sleep all day on the couch. At least that's what they do on the days one of the humans is working from home.

    They may or may not bark - it varies depending a bit on what breed line they come from and also on their environment. If they can't see anything to disturb them - I think they bark a lot less than my dog but they will alert bark if someone comes in the gate or knocks on the door... I think it would be a matter of training the dog and the neighbours.

    Shedding - yes they do. Depends how much dog hair you can tolerate. My friend gets her place done once a week but there are dust bunnies under her furniture.

    If I wanted my place to be perfect (I've got a shedding cattle dog) - I'd brush her daily and static flat mop daily but in reality - I do that about once a week and my place can get a bit hairy.

    You still have to train them to be nice dogs - but you've lived with poodles... they're not as fast learners as poodles but that can be a good thing if they're on their own a bit.

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