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Thread: Staffy cross Shar pai puppy - do I or dont I

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    Default Staffy cross Shar pai puppy - do I or dont I

    There are puppies at my local RSPCA that are staffy 3/4 cross shar pai 1/4. Does any one know what this mix is like. I have had a staffy before and just loved her to bits and was great with young kids. I have 9 & 5 girls so just need some feedback to help me decide. Thank you

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    Hi Jojo7126

    Staffies are big schmoozy people lovers, Shar pei can be a bit more aloof with people they don't know so well... Both can be not all that friendly with other dogs, but some are fine.

    It would be really hard to tell with a mix. Even two puppies in the same litter from a long line of one breed - can have different personalities.

    You need to go meet these puppies and see if any are friendly...

    The most important thing you can do for any puppy - is put in five to fifteen minutes training, and be consistent at home about interrupting behaviours you don't want (biting, jumping, sock stealing) and praising and encouraging behaviours you do want (nice sits, impulse control, friendliness, recall).

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