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Thread: My dog wont stop pooing on cement!

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    Default My dog wont stop pooing on cement!

    We recently purchased a one year old doberman male pup (not desexed) from a lovely family that were moving away. We have another male 4 year old dog desexed they seem to have settled in nicely. We have a two storey house with tiles underneath and a metre wide cement edging around the outside. My doberman has started pooing on the cement quite regularly and I don't want this to become a habit when he is older. how can you stop your dog from doing this?

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    toilet training. Back to basics, and start again. He's been trained by previous owners, and now current home, that cement is the place to go. You job is to retrain to the new place the human's say its ok to toilet.

    so time your training to when he does go. Mine are regular, up in morning, rough n tumble play for a bit, then all out to poo. But this is only for the first poo of the day after waking. The others are more random, so hard to catch the moment for training with as i dont stalk my dogs all day.

    The tricky bit is not allowing him access to poo anywhere else than your chosen spot. That's where the on leash part comes in.

    you could bend on this, poo on concrete is VERY easy to clean up. Sorted.

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    It is possible that he'll just change this habit over time. I had a foster who preferred the road base on the side of the house for poos for quite a while, but she did eventually start going on the grass. It may have something to do with him feeling unsure about his new environment?

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