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Thread: Advice for owning first time owner of a Malamute.

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    We owned Malamutes when we lived in the snow (Lake tahoe, USA) they were great dogs, but we used them for the work they were bred for. we did sled training and lots of pulling us along on skis (Skorjing).Ours were always social as we trained that from day one. they also have to be when they are sled dogs, not very useful if they all fight. We had our malamutes as leaders and if we used just a pair and our teams were made up with Husky's. I found the huskies more aloof and harder to train. The were more independent. it also depends on which lines (parentage) you get your dogs from. the same as is now with our newfies. you have the friendly confident lines and the worried timid..Do your homework, meet the parents in their own environment and see them around other people/dogs. Don't just listen to what breeders say. See them shown and how casual they are in their Group or how they behave in general. there are also some sledding groups now and I bet they can tell you what certain lines are like. And as with all and socialising from the beginning.that means it starts withe a good breeder. I have surely found out how much easier a dog is for training when it comes from a person who has socialised the puppies from early days..they make great pups to train and handle. Good luck
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    I know you want a malamute but have you considered a finnish lapphund instead? They're similar in looks and coat but much more polite with other dogs and people and not so much of the escape artists.

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