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Thread: Unsure of my puppy's breed!

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    Default Unsure of my puppy's breed!

    I bought a puppy from a rescue shelter yesterday they said he is a mastiff X just seeing if i can get a few opinions? cheers guys.
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    Welcome to the forum
    I deleted your other thread about this because we only need one, people will look at this one

    Your puppy is very cute, definitely looks like some kind of mastiff X... Maybe a bit of amstaff too? I don't know bully breeds that well, so I think you'll have to wait for other members here to see this post before you'll get a better opinion than mine He's gorgeous whatever he is though

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    I'd say mastiff or ridgeback x. Cute little guy but.

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    It's hard to tell without something like a ruler or other thing of familiar size to compare against. The brick wall is a little too far away to be useful.

    His feet look too small to suggest something that will become mastiff size. he could just as easily be Staffordshire Bull Terrier x something with long legs and skinny eg whippet.

    Did the rescue say why they thought he was mastiff other than the ears and the dark points?

    The (kelpie x malamute) x beagle I met yesterday had HUGE feet and at 3 months was already the size of a full grown beagle... So it's definitely taking after the Malamute... but temperament wise - not sure because it stayed with mum, instead of nicking off like Malamute or Beagle will do.

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