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Thread: So angry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    bitey face is a game that is popular with dogs, but it needs to be played when the dogs are on equal terms...

    My dog had a lovely time playing zoomies with two great danes at Victoria Park racecourse, and she easily out manoevered both of them to the point I thought they'd get injured trying to keep up with her zigs and circles.

    The owner was ok at the time, but on another day his dog crapped and he refused to pick it up and his dogs don't wear id - so it's difficult to report to council. Tho there can't be many places with two great danes at home. Great dane craps are enormous and stinky.
    Bruno was most certainly out sized and outnumbered. He is very solid 23 kg but he looked like a jack russell compared to these danes. At first they were playing ok but they just ended ganging up on Bruno. I am so upset at the owner's attitude. If he had put his dogs on the leash, apoligised and enquired as to the well being of Bruno then I would have been less likely to be angry. He walked off, dogs still off lead and disappeared. I have the names of his dogs, colours and owners first name. I will be making a call to the Ranger tomorrow. I won't make a formal complaint at this stage as I would rather give the owner a chance to control his dogs better than get into a situation where the dogs might be declared dangerous or taken away. Its not their fault. I hope that this is the best approach at this stage. Apparently he only had one dane at first and when he got a second, they started ganging up on other dogs. They are beautiful to look at but way to much dog for me. I couldn't imagine two!



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    It is infuriating when you are well aware that the fault is the owners mishandling and lack of responsibility. It makes complaining difficult when you know the dog will be the one that gets the worst of the consequences.
    Our local problem dog is now muzzled in public and not allowed off leash. All she needed was an owner who took behavioural training and socialisation seriously.

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    that sounds horrible. Good on Bruno for assessing the situation correctly; im outnumbered, belly up fast. Nice clear signal for the Danes to follow. Which clearly as there was no ear damage, they did. Phew!

    Isnt it terrifying being in the midst of violence?

    I could easily say, "dont worry" when my dogs intimidate another dog or frighten an owner. But the person's way beyond worry, they are in fight/flight mode, with adrenalin pumping, in case they have to save their dogs lives.

    I could say, "its just what these dogs do", which is true. But they 'do' it with their siblings, who've had years to learn the rules of engagement, and respect each others social status. Strange dogs dont have established status in this situation.

    My dogs weigh more than some owners do here.
    They are traditionally breeds that scare some folks
    If my dog gets nasty, there is likely to be fatal or serious injury incurred by its victim
    My dogs are far more likely to be reported to council, than say a non descript dog. (you of all people should be aware of this, owning a "devil dog" yourself lol

    My dogs have scared the shit out of a few. IM guility. But i would take responsibility and charge. Not suggest what you should/should not do/think/feel

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    I was at the park last night and a new pair of dogs and owner showed up.

    One dog was a quite big herding dog mix and the other was a pound special puppy eg (kelpie x malamute) x beagle. The herding dog was crossing the park to get in the face of a border collie whose human was trying to do obedience drills with.

    I explained to the puppy lady that some dogs don't like other dogs getting in their face, and while the border collie didn't seem to mind, the big booffy bloke owner did not look so thrilled.

    Puppy lady said she thought there was no harm in it and she couldn't stop her dog - it was nine. I said - erm - actually it's illegal to let your dog harass other dogs or people and it does do harm if the other dog doesn't like dogs in it's face (reactive) and I'm sure a herding dog mix like hers would learn fast if she stops it from repeating the behaviour... I said if my dog is naughty like that she gets to spend time on lead and the more consistent I am about that the better she is.

    So puppy lady went and got her dog. And of course - that's when the beagle x puppy decided to do a poop. So we helped her out with that too. :S Puppy lady was pretty accepting of us bossing her round - which makes a change.

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