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Thread: Greyhound mysterious and violent death - please read.

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    I meant hurt himself crashing into the clothesline sorry not verandah

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    He said he was out on the night it happenned. But I am sure I saw him there early the morning after, At that stage though I wasn't thinking it could be someone just that he may have done it to himself.
    who was out? your neighbour was out? or your dog was out?

    your neighbour could have been out and got home early in the morning...

    You could if you were feeling really flush for cash - get some scrapings of the blood on the verandah and get that tested against your dog's blood - to see if there is a match.

    But if your dog was out - it still doesn't mean your neighbour did anything bad - it just gives your dog many more ways to get injured.

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    Im so sorry you have lost your friend in such a manner.

    wishing you peace. if not peace of mind.

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