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Thread: WHAT TO KNOW I want to buy an English bull terrier

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    Default WHAT TO KNOW I want to buy an English bull terrier

    Hello, first time here.

    I'm not a beginner with dog ownership, but I've mainly owned working dogs.
    I'm very aware every dog is different and also every breed (especially when purebred) will have distinct traits.
    I'm wondering is there anything I should know before I get one?
    My partner is in the army so we move every few years, backyard sizes could be smallish medium or large at times.
    I do have a daughter aged six but hoping to add to the family at some point.
    Does anyone know if these dogs cope with these sort of changes well? All the kelpies I've had have always been very laid back and chill but for walks and exercise they jump out of their skins and can go right back to being lazy backyard pooches. Basically what I'm asking are they naturally able to be very relaxed dogs and can chill back or do they tend to be up tight with new things.

    I don't want to sound like a dummy here but I feel if I were to get a different breed I've never ventured into I want to do the right thing by the dog, either by knowing I can provide for it or whether I can't and i might finally try and own a small dog, which I've never done in my life haha (partner is sick of kelpies and wants a Rottweiler but I'm not too keen on having such a huge dog not scared of them or anything but just not keen)

    What genetic problems should I be aware of with in the breed?
    Do the breeders test for all these things or will I have to ask them to and pay for the testing myself?
    I've always gotten my kelpies from a breeder or some close friends who have bred from their working kelpies a few times (gorgeous red and tan)

    Does anyone have any contacts for well known breeders of English bull terriers?
    I know there is a registry for it but there are so many to choose from I don't know which one is going to be the best choice.

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    I have a friend who has the most divine Bull Terrier. Neither of us know what you mean by "English Bull Terrier".

    There are Bull Terriers

    There are Staffordshire Bull Terriers - sometimes called "English Staffies"

    There are American Staffordshire Terriers - sometimes called AmStaff.

    If you start asking around for an "English Bull Terrier" - an Australian breeder is probably going to avoid you because you do sound like someone who doesn't quite know what they're talking about and doesn't really know much about the breed because you can't even get the name right.

    But you gotta start somewhere right?

    Are these the kind of dogs you mean - the ones with the big roman noses? They now also come in "miniature" - tho they're still big...
    Bull Terrier Club of South Australia Inc.

    I know the south Australian one is very active - while their erm club web page - not so much.

    Best place to start is with the breed specific club in your state.

    There are also facebook pages for Bull Terriers in Australia

    Most bull terriers I know have a very good off switch but can get very excited when there is a game or a nice beach walk on. My friend's dog is living in a townhouse at the moment but my friend is one of the dog obsessed so that dog gets walked twice a day, does tracking sport, and obedience and rally and gets heaps of love and cuddles.

    some of the other bull terriers I've met at club socials at the beach - are a lot more out of control.

    If you do get a terrier you might want to get this book "when pigs fly" by Jane Killion. They're not quite as interested in pleasing their people as kelpies are.
    Website for Jane Killion, author of When Pigs Fly!: Training Success With Impossible Dogs. Dog training for difficult, stubborn, and non-biddable breeds of dog. Dog training, particularly for terriers and hounds. Basic training, training for behavior

    If you want something between a bull terrier and a kelpie in attitude - get a cattle dog :P

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    3 bull terrier stack - note this is posted by someone who has stolen it from somewhere else...

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    I'm guessing the 'English' bit is to do with where they where first bred.

    I dont know anything about them really but this video should be worth a watch for a basic run down on the little rascals. I always thought they looked a bit weird when i was a kid. But they have grown on me now and look like a lot of fun.

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