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Thread: Miniature Fox Terrier Vs Jack Russell Terrier

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    I owned both types. My Foxy was a tiny little thing but could jump over a 6 foot fence. He escaped on a daily basis to be with a friend that was 10 times his size! He cried to go out on the street at night when his friend would come to the gate and signal (doggy signals we couldn't hear) for him to come out. Full of energy and very smart! When I scolded him for doing pipi on the floor, he learnt his lesson and the next time he did it on the couch
    Pepsi who is a Jack Russell is just THE IDEAL pet both for children and adults. She loves being patted and camps in front of the pantry!! Although energetic when young, she never got into mischief. She is a good guard dog too.

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    Thank you Mimi1
    They both sound cute

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