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    Hi Everyone,

    My Black Lab Pepper has started this aggressive sounding bark towards other dogs whilst she is on her walks, harness etc.

    This has been ongoing since we got our rescue dog Charlie, I am not sure if she is protective of him, if she wants attention or is frightened.

    When she goes for her daily walk, If she spots a dog, big or small she will aggressively bark at it and we have to pull her away.

    on Sunday we took her to PETQUARTERS for a bath, she did the same things, the pet bath is in a glass screen and she was barking so much at the glass because 2 pugs were on the other side.

    she never used to be like this, when she spotted other dogs she used to cry and whinge because she wanted to play with them but now it is aggressive

    Does anyone have any recommendations on how to eliminate this behaviour?
    the only one I can think of is a muzzle, even though she would probably not 'hurt' a dog, it might stop the barking.

    thanks in advance

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    I would spend the money for a couple of sessions with a good trainer. If you post your area some forum member may be able to recommend someone. A trainer will be able to see if it is fear aggression or whatever.

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    Do you walk them both together? What happens when she is on her own?

    How far away is the other dog when she notices it and what does she do first? Fixed stare, hackles, pulling, barking, tail wagging etc?

    How far away the other dog is when she changes her behaviour is the threshold. Sometimes it's helpful to point the other dog out so your dog is not surprised by the approach and you've got more distance to work with.

    I'm not sure I can help much because I'm having similar problems with my dog - but it's very hard to reliably trigger her - ie she only goes off sometimes at some dogs (or people). She's more likely to go off at dogs and people when we're close to home, but it's hard to predict when people are going to be going by.

    I have done a bunch of things that may have inadvertedly made it worse...

    eg trying to get her attention back on me with treats aka "luring" which leads to dog that is naughty then good to get treats.

    still going out the gate instead of round the back or behind my car in the driveway when she starts fixating on the people walking by there by rewarding ie every step in the direction of a pulling dog rewards the pulling. So if the pulling (and aggression) is not something you want - best to walk the otherway even if it is somewhat inconvenient and you might not get some walk done.

    Allowing rude dogs to greet her and then jump on her or hurt her, and me scolding rude dogs or people who don't pick up after their dogs - she feels she needs to join in or repell rude dogs before they get there. Rude dogs ignore all the "go away" danger signals of other dogs and frequently get attacked because of it.

    In this case - preventing her greeting and keeping her far enough away from triggers that she can still pay attention and remembering to tell her she's a good dog if she behaves how I want - tho I still have to protect her from rude dogs at the same time.

    Thinking of training her to walk with an umbrella popped up - eg see another dog - pop up umbrella to block the view and repel the other dog. But I'd need to practice that in the back yard first.

    Or you could find a professional to help. What state are you in?

    I would get a professional if I could figure out how to get the behaviour reliably so others can see it. At the moment I can't even get video because it doesn't happen consistently.

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    Get help early from a good animal behaviourist.
    Easily sorted, if you act promptly.
    And train on a muzzle, so should things go wrong in the early days, nobody is going to get hurt. Manage the aggression risks, ahead of them occurring.
    With help, from such trainers, ive worked some stubborn creases out of foster rotties. A good trainer single session is worth 6 months of obedience classes for some dogs. Note, some dogs.
    Good luck and keep us updated

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    She's not aggressive she's become frustrated because the behavior has been unchanged for so long - she wants that dog and you have held her back and now she's cracked.

    Forget the internet and forget the muzzle, it will do nothing for you. Spend your money on a GOOD trainer to show you how to control your dog ASAP. She doesnt need a muzzle and it will only stop the barking if you literally clamp the jaws shut - how nice is that?

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    They almost always both walk together, however a few times Pepper has gone to the vets on her own on the lead with dogs around and she has acted in the same way.

    She notices them quite far away, she starts with a small growl then it is aggressive barking and PULLING she pulls heaps.

    We usually tell her no, and turn the other way. There actually been a time when my cousin walked the two of them and a few smaller breeds were on the loose with no owner and she nipped at one of them.

    It is really quite bizarre and I cant bring myself to think Pepper could be classed as an "aggressive" dog as just 8 or so months ago she was the most sookiest dog and bonded with other animals so well! she is such a cuddle bear.

    also, the next door neighbours have a staffy puppy and quite often it gets under the fence into our yard (which I love, because I get to cuddle it and take it home lol) and Pepper and Charlie sniff it and wag their tails and don't seem that fussed about it, they also lay and lick under the fence at the older staffys next door too!

    I haven't tested Pepper with another dog for a while but it seems to be the behaviour is only when she is being controlled (by lead or harness).

    Our boy Charlie (rescue staffy x) is the most well behaved, easy going dog ever, when Pepper carries on, he goes off at her as if to say don't be stupid, wake up to yourself.

    I live in Newcastle NSW.

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    Trainers I've seen recommended for NSW area are

    Far kennel the bleeding thing ate my whole post. teach me not to cut and paste from notepad.

    how to choose a trainer

    Steve Courtney at (that's his article how to choose a dog trainer)

    I've also seen this one recommended. It has training too.
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