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Thread: I need a higher fence to keep the husband in, he got out and bit some woman's ears of

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    Default I need a higher fence to keep the husband in, he got out and bit some woman's ears of

    Sunday, gorgeous day, plenty of walkers passing by. dogs not phased. Then the mad woman with 3 bc's comes along. she's on a sit n mow mini tractor. That was clearly more than bernie would tolerate, he jumped the fence, and attacked one of the bc's, came off when called and came back. Lots of noise, no bite fighting. Dreadful none the less, and scary too for her. I was not concerned he would harm the dog physically. Just wanted to tell him off. Bernie hates the bc since it attacked our pup.

    I had hold of the 2 larger dogs, and couldnt move, unless she wanted a rottie and a mastiff to join in. I couldnt hear what she was hollering either, as the JRT was gobbing off in my ear on the other side of the fence. So called to my hubby inside to come help get bernie inside our gate and help the woman.

    The woman was hurling abuse about our dog bernie. And you know, he had just leapt the fence to attack her dog, so fair cop. Only my husband decided he'd smooth things over by throwing some personal insults, questioning her sanity.

    1yr of my work on her, down the drain. I'll be hearing from the council apparently. I dont doubt it.
    Her husband was with her, he was unhelpful with the dog fight, and kept his eyes down and out of it, whilst his wife and my husband were shouting abuse at each other.

    hassle from council heading my way.

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    Might be time to build a better fence?

    Is it legal for her to be operating a mini mow tractor thingy? If she was doing something illegal - then maybe your dog would be off the hook.

    Is that the same bc that attacked your pup - or does Bernie hate all BC?

    I feel your frustration. I'm currently dealing with Frosty being nasty to rude dogs at our main walking park - to the point I can't let her off lead much but there are so many idiots with even dumber dogs.

    Today - all was good, she's on lead - with a group of friends including their dogs. There's a beagle x puppy in the playground on lead - but when the owner sees us coming he marches his puppy up to the edge of the playground and lets it off lead. WTF.

    Of course it barges straight up to us and gets in Frosty's face who promptly roars at it and sends it off, then it comes back and chases one of the Scotty Terriers we were with (friend's dog) across the playground and out the otherside - with that owner in pursuit - not so easy - she'd be 60+ and not athletic. Beagle owner is not helping. And I'm dragging my dog across the oval the other way so I can't help either.

    So we get clear of them, they put the beagle back on lead eventually and next time we come past the playground (not so close) they don't let it off. I just can't believe he let his dog off to "go play" with other dogs without asking first - especially since mine was on lead. What a half wit.

    And then - Frosty and I get hassled by the three schnauzers. And the owners are plaintively calling "fi fi come back fi fi"... And I can't yell at it or them because that will set Frosty off. I've got her in a drop stay paying attention me but one comes up behind - and sniffs her butt and barks at her - way too much for Frosty - so she tries to have a go - doesn't get far - cos she's still on lead but Sheesh - leave the dog on lead alone FFS.

    It's really not helping my attempts at counter conditioning to have so many rude dogs and stupid owners at our park. My brother would say "let them sort it out" but my dog isn't gentle any more. She used to be but now she hurts them.

    PS - thinking it might be time to take the umbrella shield stick on walks with me. Then I can repell approaching dogs without yelling at them...
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    So we have a quote for new fencing. Wow dog proof fencing is very expensive. But cant wait. This will extend the dogs day play area to double the space, as they will be able to have free run all around the house.
    No contact from council from woman reporting my ferral hubby. Thank god.

    the BC he jumped the fence to get, was the same BC that attacked our pup yes. But he's now reactive to BC's, not all of them, there are 2 he likes that walk past a couple of times a week, out on their own, no owner in sight, but live locally and are known by all.

    this last w/e i was introducing the dogs to anybody that wandered up the lane. stalking dog walkers i was. But no issues. It does appear to be a particular dog that he's got an issue with. And also, remove the fence line, and have bernie off lead, and he's happy to stick with me and not run off. Remains friendly to all dogs we met.
    Trying to capture some rare behaviour: of being aggressive to a particular BC is really hard!

    So new fence going in as soon as guy has timber. 5ft as its still an "illusion" of containment for the dog. Unless i get some prison type fence that tilts in to prevent jumping. Which i do not want to.
    I am looking forward to blocking bernie's vision of the paddock with this fence though. Less telling me that people are coming, going, with barking, phew, i hope anyhow.

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