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    Hi. First time on the forum here.
    Dog: 1.5 years old. Staffy cross everything breed. Medium sized.
    Today I returned from a 3 week holiday and picked up my dog from boarding (first time we have left him with boarding)
    However. When we picked him up he was looking skinny and once we got home I decided to weigh him.
    When we left he was 21.5kg. (I weigh him every 2 weeks)
    Today 3 weeks later he is 19kg.
    He was also showing signs of dehydration.
    I am concerned as I was expecting him to be tubby on pick up.
    Instead I can see his ribs.
    Has anybody been in a similar situation??
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    I think many dogs have so much stimulation at the kennels, surrounded by so many other dogs, endless barking new people, changed routines, they can end up exhausted by the time you pick them up. I know my two sleep for two days straight after even a short time at the kennels and others on here have said the same. I'm also in Darwin and have used a great kennel at McMinns lagoon, which they love going to and the staff were fantastic. Unfortunately that's changed hands after a sad, messy divorce, so don't know what it is like now. I've also used a company who came twice a day to my home to feed and play and that was also great (and cheaper than the kennels), though not so good in the wet season when storms could make it dangerous if they were left outside unsupervised (I've got a lot of big trees and one dog with severe thunder paranoia).

    I once used a kennel at Bees Creek which I wouldn't go back to, just not a good feeling and the dogs weren't happy. So not sure about the weight loss and dehydration, maybe a trip to the vet to check all is well?

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    No normally my dogs come back a little porkier. Could possibly be from being stressed? As troppo said, it is a crazy environment. Your dog could have fretted for you as well?

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Nero often comes back a little leaner. And rox is always a bit chubbier. Its a shame its not the other way round... Anyway. Nero is the one who loves going to the kennel. Rox isn't so sure about it but seems to settle after a while. Both sleep for days when they come home I would be a bit worried about the dehydration tho. Is your dog picky about strange tasting water? I read somewhere that to dogs eater actually has its own 'taste' and I noticed that Nero is reluctant to drink tap water since we have only rainwater.

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