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Thread: Spiders Challenge "if i ran the country"

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    Question Spiders Challenge "if i ran the country"

    Hi everyone.

    i been thinking about Gov and changes and all that.

    So i'd like to give everyone a challenge.
    I'm sure might be a bit much for people who are busy so might not have time.
    But anyone with a bit of extra time to splash and up for a challenge.
    kind of like an Essay as such.
    here we go.

    the Challenge is.
    "if i was in charge of the country"
    Meaning: If you had control over the country, all the laws and policy's and how its run.
    What would your laws and policy's be for the country.
    This challenge calls for everything.
    some of things that come to mind are:
    Gov funding: Medical, Education , Industry/infrastructure , law enforcement , justice system, centrelink... ect.
    immigration/asylum seekers.
    Laws to abide by.
    Humane laws for animal industry ect.

    basically everything from scratch. clean slate , build it to what you think society should be.
    i'm sure would be very interesting to see how differently everyone would run the country if they where in charge.

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    I'm a bit of a radical...

    And not sure how I'd fund some of this stuff.. but

    I would work very hard to repeal junk laws and make the laws we have less confusing.

    Eg road rules 300 pages... erm that's way too much. And some of them are really picky and require a lot of signage and paint and not enough common sense.

    I would like to nationalise law in a similar way to medicine so you don't need to be Rupert Murdoch to get (or avoid) justice.

    I would like to implement a system that allows a judge to be much more creative about sentencing and faster too. Like reward based training for dogs - there's no point rubbing their nose in it and then putting them in lock up 3 years after they peed on the carpet - the system needs to be much more immediate and the punishment or rewards need to fit the person... eg Rupert Murdoch is not going to notice a 10,000 fine. I would put time limits on how long cases could run. And how many cases one person (or corporate) could inflict on another - would be limited. There are some people who just start up squillions of law suits they have no hope of winning but if they do that with enough different judges and juristictions - the poor person they are suing cannot work because they have to keep showing up in court...

    I would try to rearrange medical funding so more money goes into prevention and getting quality of life back than paying for the second or third triple bypass on someone who won't change their unhealthy lifestyle. I would make it much easier for someone to change their unhealthy lifestyle.

    I would have a fat tax on unhealthy food. I would re-instate the food rating system that got scrapped by the food corporations. eg the one that rated high sugar or high fat foods as unhealthy... with a simple five star rating system.

    I would have clear country of origin and GM content labelling. And clear content labelling - no more ingredients called "natural flavour" (Campbell's real stock - my arse).

    I think I'd get assassinated by the food corp... if the drug cartels didn't get me first...

    because - to hell with USA ****phobic anti semitic misogynist drug policy... I would make most drugs legal on prescription. I would make alcohol and cigarettes available only on production of a current drivers licence or equivalent id with a photo.

    I would require 100 points of id and then some before you could sell or buy a house. I have no idea why it is so easy to sell someone else's house and why it's such a PITA to get it back if someone effectively "stole" the house.

    I would have a defence force - but make them work very hard during times of state emergencies... I think that should be their main purpose if there isn't a war on... they should not be running "training wars" in the middle east.

    I would only fund overseas aid that included birth control and education for women. At the moment - our overseas aid is not provided for any group who hands out a condom or birth control pill or provides abortions.

    I would do what we could to make the places that refugees come from - somewhere they could stay. I would not persecute refugees who try to come here. It's much simpler to have a 3 month quarantine, identity checks and then release to the community. Our worst illegal immigrants and criminals come on air planes and through customs... They deserve more attention.

    I would make sure the ATO was properly funded and nobody spent any time on hold... you really don't want people ringing the tax office up in an effort to do the right thing - spending any time on hold.

    I would ban all political donations over $100 and from corporates and from real estate developers...

    That should reduce the amount of crap we get during election campaign time.

    I would ban negative campaigning. No political ad would be allowed to say anything about what the other candidates might do or even have done. Campaigns should only represent their own side and what they plan to do.

    That should cut down even more electoral crap.

    It's very tempting to implement something that bans lawyers from going into politics.

    And I think the way they charge for their work needs a complete overhaul too.

    And I'm really sick of politicians with no understanding of the issue making decision about it. Eg someone who has no idea the needs of women, or what tech communications can do - should not be making decisions about those.

    And - I dunno - but I'd be tempted to limit the amount of any kind of data that the government can have that makes it a totalitarian state. We should not have to carry around ID unless we're doing something that it's important that we prove who we are (like selling a house), and then it should take more than an id card...

    All governments should be accountable and there should be some sort of adequately resourced ombudsman or corruption (due process?) investigator at all levels.

    We should have fully resourced Environmental protection agencies at state and federal levels - and they should have people who can go and "inspect" on weekends / 24 hours a day - so that after hours polluters do not get away with that.

    I can't get my head around a licence to pollute eg put harmful chemicals into the air...

    I would set up a chemical waste and recycling centre well out of our capital cities in each state.

    I would make all retail / manufacturers - take back their old product that the consumer no longer wants - for recycling or land fill. Ie if you want someone to buy a new tv or computer or phone or fridge or mattress or car - you should take back the old one - for free.

    Solar should be compulsory on all new dwellings, and the electricity companies should pay something close to what they charge for normal electricity... or they can pay half but they must sell solar at a cheaper rate.

    rainwater tanks should be compulsory...

    storm water recycling and processing should be compulsory... No storm water should be dumped untreated into our waterways.

    Ok that's probably enough for now - but I expect I would not be alive very long if I ever did get elected...

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    some good idea's there hyacinth.
    i've been a bit busy these evening, still haven't been able to sit down and open a text file on computer and start writing down idea's.
    had to do all the dishes. reused a plate and cup for dinner from breaky.. i hate having no dish washer. tend to let it pile till i totally have used everything clean. then spend 3 hours cleaning everything.

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    ok i sat up for 2 hours writing away!

    i didn't copy anything from hyacinth's post, but there are some things in her's i'd include.
    Like someone being able to sell a house that's not there from under them... thats pritty messed up, i remember that happening a few years back, nasty.

    didn't go into to much detail, here's some of what i came up with.

    Well for Medical: Well they should have as much as they need, You can't put a price on life.
    If someone has an Illness and will die without medications or help. You can't force them to pay if they need something as simple as a medication to keep on living, You can't just say "oh you can't afford to pay for medication guess you dont get to keep living".

    Education system: Plenty of funding, they are the adults of the future after all its not something anyone should cheap out on.
    but as far as the Education go's, i don't think they teach quite enough to prepair people for life.
    A lot of mistakes stem from over protectiveness of hiding anything the "bad" and just covering whats need and

    leaving them to work it out.
    Generally many mistakes of the past repeat themselves bacause of people being to ashamed and scared of there

    mistakes to be straight with others to stop it happening again.

    fire service: same with medical.

    Centrelink: of course plenty, people deserve help when they can't find work or can't work and help they needed or

    when in need.
    it can be a pain in the arse for some people and easy for others on centrelink.

    immigration/asylum seekers:
    well if people are willing to risk there lives and familys lives on a leaky boat, should atleast be given a

    insted of locking them up in a prison, well setup something like a town somewhere in australia with schools and

    facilitys and teach them how to farm and educate them how to be a valued asset to the country.
    heck train them up to help with projects like solar farms or green projects in outback or else where in Australia.
    If there desperit for help, give them a chance, and put safegaurds in place to keep the genuine ones safe, and to

    spot people with other motives.

    Human Laws:
    The top 3 of course that deserve to be punished the harshest and all i'm going to say.
    Non-consentual (dont want to say the R word)

    drugs: Well that would be more medical/Educational System for responsable use for doctors to manage.
    If someone wants to try something, Well give them the honest Facts via an educational program they should do before trying, not a bunch of lies and scare tactics.
    And of course, doctors to control the ones needing to be, and safely adminestering in a safe enviroment.
    i would like an age system before can try certain drugs. like 18+ for pot. 21+ for extacy/acid , speed or meth, not so sure. meth i'd lean for 30+.

    Laws as far as animals go:
    most people know my views on a lot things with dogs ect, Not going to into much detail.
    My main point is: "would you be happy living and being treated like that"
    And Education would be a main factor aswell.
    As far as anything requiring some kinda of punishment: "Well now you get to"
    As far as the punishment go's, aslong as it doesn't end up breaking the human law's of murder and underage.
    For people not of age or some kinda of medical reason. Education would be key here.
    just basic outline.
    As far as animals being used for food, well they better be given the good life they deserve, they are giving up there life for humans to live so should be treated as such.

    Law enforcement/justice system: Well stopping corruption and Abuse of system and abuse of power would be main focus.
    i'm sure i could quote one case of police and a judge abusing positions and trying and convicting someone and claiming evidence that didn't exsit that police never had and judge taking there word for it and never having anything presented to the court, and basically only evidence submitted to court that the judge looked at was a psychology report and he new they had been doped up on lots of nice medications over a year and a half. person had admited the truth and everything first interview with police, and police didn't lay any charges till about 9 months later after doctors had spent the time giving and increasing medication dose's till the individual hit the point where they stopped talking.

    Tax's: well polluters and big business's and high income people should contribute to making the country better.
    shame the carbon tax got the Axe. If all that money was used wisely in fixing things around the country that are needed, and investing in new technology's, like solar farms and other green tech, and Science industry for new inovations and descoverys to improve quality of life for everyone. Even if the carbon tax was replaced with something like pullotors and big business who are making a lot, should have to invest in projects to better the country and enviroment and quality of life for everyone.

    how much Gov representatives get paid.
    Well they do an importand job. But there are other people who do much more important jobs.
    as far as money go's, i'd set it around the $100k a year mark.
    job would come with other percs, but within reasonable guide lines as far travel and expense's when traveling around on gov business.
    honestly i'd say anything extra would be upto the public to decide based on what they think of how the job is being done.

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    The whole centrelink system is royally screwed if you ask me...

    In the news recently was a proposal to build yet another hotel on government owned land - our parklands in fact. Personally I think anything built there should be free for public use. Personally I can't see how a hotel is that.

    And some urban planner on the radio said that we need to "activate the area" and a hotel would bring in more people who would make the area safer... personally I feel more safe when there are NO people around... and hotels - I don't know if you've noticed tend to bring in businessmen and football teams (this one's proposed site is very close to Adelaide oval)... and not so much women. Because there is a bit of a gender imbalance when it comes to travelling professionals... There might be some even up with tourists but not much, not in Adelaide.

    Not there.

    so putting a hotel there would make me feel less safe.

    putting a nice well lit open green space with lots of shade would make me feel safer.

    But our state government is "owned" by property developers.

    I think Dr Karl suggested that all windows on new houses should be double glazed - mandatory. Apparently they have that in California and it has made a significant difference to the household power bill. Personally I didn't think it would be enough to justify floor to ceiling windows... but... And in California now double glazed windows are cheaper than standard single glazed windows, something to do with "economies of scale".

    I think good quality rehab should be easier to get than prison... and good quality mental health care - including "assisted living" ie like prison where someone else is making sure the bills get paid, you get fed and your place is kept clean, and is also making sure you take the right amount of the right meds - that you don't forget and you don't take too much to catch up when you though you'd missed some and you hadn't. There really ought to be a machine that would do this... hold all the pills, send you reminders, and only let you have what is your turn to have right now ie remind you - that you already had the last lot really- yes you did. See - camera replay...

    hmm that shouldn't be too hard to build.

    Because many people in prison now - have mental health problems. Some that behave in a manner that is unsafe to the general public should stay there but others, just need some help.

    But there is none - or not nearly enough. I think there might be 20 assisted living spots in South Australia - and to make those they closed about 30 beds - and there were not enough high care beds (for the people recovering from suicide attempts etc).

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    i just had a crazy idea.
    should be 2 people in charge to keep everyone happy.
    A man and A woman.

    can't have males without females, or females without males.
    so a joint leadership of both sexes to keep fair for both.

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    I'd like to force employers to allow flexible working hours, sabbaticals and jobsharing. I believe this would be a huge factor in closing the gender gap in high ranking positions in politics as well as business. Who says you can't have a life and a career? It's just BS...

    I'd have a detention system for health and security checks only - and then let asylum seekers live in the community, earn money and pay taxes. Most of them are going to stay anyway, so why not making it easy for them to settle instead of creating a lot of mental health wrecks who are full of resentment against the Australian public for treating them like criminals.

    I'd like a drivers license for dog owners and much stricter regulations for animal abuse. I'd remove the distinction between 'pets' and 'stock' so livestock comes under the same protection as pets. It would mean that meat aid dairy products become a lot more expensive but we're eating far too much of it anyway. More quality, less quantity I say.

    I'd do something about that massive market share between Coles and Woollies. Seriously, it's insane. I've bee back to Europe recently and almost chocked on how cheap food is there. I do believe food can be too cheap, and I wouldn't mind paying for quality if it was passed on to the farmers. But Coles/Wollies bully the producers and rip off the customers to have a massive profit margin. That should be illegal.

    I like Hyacinths ideas about election campaigns. Spot on!

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    in my last post, 2 leaders one of either gender would level the playing field. and be less one sided.
    should be an equal amount of seats for men as for women.
    so less gender bias

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    Prison? You mean that place with free accommodation, food and entertainment?

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    Yeah I don't get why people who have "mental health problems" that actually cause a hazard to the general public - or even specific people eg criminal's mother - should be released. They're still dangerous. They should stay locked up.

    I think our prison for dangerous lunatics has been turned into a film studio and a mining company HQ so far. I don't know where they put the dangerous lunatics. I suspect - in the prison with the relatively normal people - it's not like there are any hospital beds available or assisted living places or anything.


    I think I'd offer a tax incentive eg a 1% discount on the corporate tax rate for those who achieve 50% or better of their Board and CEO/CFO being women.

    And big corporates and office towers should provide child care facilities within their buildings or within walking distance. It should be built in. These child care facilities costs should be tax deductable.

    And any kind of parental leave - should be available exactly the same for men and for women. Otherwise - employers will find ways of not-hiring women of child bearing age because it costs them more.
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