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Thread: Feral mutts or oldest, purest breed in the world ? You might be surprised.

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    Question Feral mutts or oldest, purest breed in the world ? You might be surprised.

    Wow ...i knew there was something special about these pooches. A interesting short read about an amazing breed of dog most consider to be 'just feral street mutts'. Could they be the oldest breed of dog ? These guys seem to think so.

    ISSUU - BA 06 August 2014 by Bali Advertiser

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    About erm 100,000 years ago ish... some people wandered north out of Africa, and then east along the coast lines... and then south through Asia and into PNG and Australia and they brought dogs and art work with them, so there's the feral dogs in Cairo, and India and Indonesia and PNG singing dogs, and Dingos - all look very similar. All very adept at looking after themselves or making friends with humans...

    The dog in the Bali News article looks a lot like the one in this picture
    Help remote community dogs | AMRRIC

    And a lot like my dog... tho I thought she was some sort of cattle dog cross.

    My dog is very good at foraging and spends hours looking for mice and rats in my back yard and the local park hedges but is completely useless at catch and dispatch...

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