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    Thank you Deerhound,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie Floyd View Post
    Yes Deerhound you are correct too, both the ANKC and the UK Kennel Club name them as Staffordshire Bull Terrier, but as long as i can remember (like last 15 yrs or so)- myself as well as other ppl i personally know have always known them as English Staffordshire Bull Terriers, & i personally think that's what they should officially be known as, so hopefully no more public confusion between the two breeds will occur - wishful thinking i know.

    Nope,sorry Floyd, we already have one with English in front,the English Bull Terrier .
    These dogs get confused enough,I'd hate to see it get any worse
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    Oh and I thought I'd borrow part of my own post from a thread we had on here a while ago now about Amstaff -APBT Same dog or not?

    Again , Pits ( APBT) are not BYB . Well in correct terminology I guess yes here in Australia yes that would be a correct term to puritans out there as they are not recognised by the ANKC , but then this raises the issues of the ANKC / UKC dynamics. But then perhaps they're just being cohesive with the AKC who also did not recognise the APBT as a breed , hence the main point of the Amstaff actualy being born .Again,nutshell version,they couldn't Register them as 'Pit Bulls' but wanted them bred to standard. And so,we have the American Staffordshire Terrier.

    Back in the 1890's Bennet started the UKC as the AKC didn't want anything to do with the 'APBT', 10 years on and McCord ( a friend of Colby) started the ADBA , now the ADBA only registers APBT .
    Now fast forward to around 1936 and suddenly the AKC wants to join in as this dog known as the APBT is suddenly a very popular dog. So they conceded to registering them as Staffordshire Terriers. Fast forawrd again to the 1970's and American was added to it to differentiate it from the smaller,'little bricks' being bred in England .
    At the time of all these Registeries though,they were still primarily, the same dog under different recognised names..
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    Thank you ChoppaChop.

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    Most welcome Four Socks
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    It's just a reference to the country of origin, like Deerhounds being called Scottish Deerhounds. Some breeds maintain the country reference, others don't. Irish Wolfhounds are still Irish, but Deerhounds are just Deerhounds and not Scottish by name... clear as mud really!!

    I think that referring to them by country often confuses the issue and makes people think they are a different breed. Some people think a "Scotch Collie" is different to a Rough Collie - but they are the same, the addition of Scotch to the name is a colloquialism referring to their background.

    Really it's just nuts. Ridgebacks are Rhodesian, but Dalmations don't come from Yugoslavia and Australian Shepherds are from the USA!!

    To cut it all short calling Staffordshire Bull Terrier English is like calling Greyhounds or Whippets English. That's where the breed comes from is all.

    I hope your friend finds a nice Staff Erinah!!

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    And just before I head off to bed - again- *sigh* Natty has reminded me that I havn't really answered Erinah! I'm so sorry Erinah!

    Staffords are wonderful family dogs.
    They simply adore thier humans and thier 'little' people especially.Every Staff needs its own child
    But yes,I do hope she's going to buy through a registered breeder or take on a one of the many rescues there are. The Stafford is one of the most prolific breeds in pounds today thanks to BYB's and Pet Shops.
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