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Thread: Serena has become cranky with certain dogs

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    Gawd - I'd like to be consistent but it was either I attack the other dog to send it off, or Frosty herds it - and picks up some bad habits.

    We did not have the best night at the park today... Evil hound decided to ignore me several times to go foraging, and there was more than our fair share of curly coat trigger dogs...

    At least when I get her attention back she doesn't seem overly bothered - it's like "I thought you wanted me to do that?"... Ie it really feels like I've trained her to go off at these dogs.

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    Hi, some good stories and info there.

    I have been out a few times with Serena on the long lead and she behaved herself well. There were a few young females, including one staffy, that would normally set her off. She sniffed her a few times and before Serena had the oppurtunity to escalate things, I tugged on the lead and moved her along with lots of praises, pats etc. I am hoping over the next few weeks to keep on working on the lead and get her to have more positive experiences with dogs that would normally set her off. I have control of her at all times.
    I'll keep you updated on progress we make.

    thankyou for everyones perspective on this



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    thankyou.gif for the update ! Sounding very positive - so keep up your good work !

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    Every positive encounter with a dog, is a step in the right direction. Keeping their duration short, as well as attending to distance etc is a great touch. Go Team Ados

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