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Thread: How much food?

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    Yeah have been occasionally mixing other things in with his food. I make liver treats for him so I collect and save the juice from boiling it, he likes that. Also sometimes just crack an egg over his food and mix it in. He's not very active as far as huskies go, though I'm just unsure whether he's actually getting enough food. Hard to tell with huskies as their fur makes them look twice as fat as they really are

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    Do a tickle test and feel under the fur.

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    I currently own the fussiest dog I have ever owned in my life. His diet is up for weekly adjustments. Usually along the lines of "he's gone off that, I can't afford X this month. crap we're out of mince, oh... that combo has given him the runs... or that makes his allergies flare up". We've settled on a very basic combo of 2 different dry foods he likes and turkey or chicken mince as his "base line combo"

    What I think you should do is;

    Figure out how much he weighs at the moment. We weight Scott when ever we're near a scale (Petbarn, other large pet stores, our vet). Track it. Lots of good reasons to go this. I keep a google doc so I don't have to search for it.

    Remind yourself what the healthy range is for the breed (btwn 16-27 (Small bitch - large dog) according to the Husky breed standard)
    Look at photos or view other similar styles - compare show to working to pets.

    Figure out if you're happy with the weight and condition your dog is in - ask your vet, ask friends, ask randoms at the dog park, even post photos here. I personally think my dog is a touch too skinny but he's in glorious condition, fit, shiny, thick coat. Never eats everything in his bowl, so what'cha gunna do?


    Take all of the above + these factors into consideration;

    Is your dog desexed?
    Does your dog get a high, medium or low level of exercise?
    Are YOU happy with the way your dog looks and feels?

    Finally - Consider the daily amount of food your dog needs (according to many sources):
    This is a very basic tool - might help: Metabolic Energy Requirements For Dogs
    or commercial guide lines
    or the old 3-5% of the ideal weight (of the dog) when feeding raw

    I'll take a moment to apply the above to my dog:
    I know the weight of my dog, I know he's a rescue of unknown background so I don't know what he's mixed with, if at all. I do know he's too tall for a show quality pure foxie and a little heavier then the standard allows for. That said, when you compare photos - he's not to far off. I am very happy with his condition overall.
    He is desexed. He is an older dog, he has a moderate level of exercise every day (30-60 minutes twice a day, quite often more). He is on a mixture of raw meat, grain free kibble and the occasional bone and can of grain free wet/tinned. He is very fussy.

    I aim to feed him 100% of the suggested serve of commercial food every day + extra protein. This is usually 1 daily serve of a high quality kibble split into two meals both topped with some mince or a bone or another high protein treat (cheese, warm cooked eggs...) Occasionally some veg (he likes Broccoli...)

    Coincidentally this is approximately 3% of his total ideal body weight and is also pretty closely in line with what i think his daily calorie intake should be - so all in all I think I've hit the nail on the head with his nutrition. He also gets a joint supplement when I remember, some probiotics and wears a coat close to 24/7 in winter - which was a decision I made after a lot of reading about trying to keep condition on older dogs in cooler months.

    To apply that to your dog: As I said, take all of the above into consideration + then find something he'll eat and.... good luck. The above 1 or 2 tried & tested kibbles / mince/ a treat seems to work well for us and gives us enough flexibility to mix things up, tempt him and keep his allergies from flaring up.

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