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Thread: Banjo killed a rabbit

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    used to have dog when i was younger. if she spotted a mouse she would dive in and crunch... snap its neck in one bite.
    then drop it and leave it for the cat to find and dispose of...
    Cats where lazy when it came to mice... just let the dog do the work and reap the rewards..
    only thing the big cat seemed to like to kill was possums....
    nothing says i love you more from a cat than a dead possum on door step...

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    My previous dog only killed our pet mice and ignored the wild ones. I wasn't happy about that... Once trapped 13 mice in one season. I'm very happy I have a cat again!

    Though my cat once carried a live rat into my bedroom. It was quite funny because I was feeling stressed about having to organise something and was on a mission to call people and get things done. So when my then 7yo yelled out that there was a rat running around in the bedroom, I just said "Not now" and left her sitting there with a horrified look on her face. By the time I'd finished my call, the cat had finally killed the rat and all that was left to do was to hide the body.

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