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Thread: BARC ...My Balinese friends forced to shut down by government.

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    Angry BARC ...My Balinese friends forced to shut down by government.

    This totally pisses me off !!

    I'm about 3 weeks away from my next Bali trip and was ready to donate a heap of stuff again ...and then this.


    I dont know all the details yet but the government wants them gone. They aren't giving up just yet but theres 100's of dogs and other animals that need a new home urgently.

    Shits me big time. They turn a blind eye to so many things over there ,..... but lets give this group of hard working animal lovers as much grief as we can.

    Seems to me that they prefer mass poisonings or shootings to solve their dog problem rather than the immunising, desexing and rehoming strategy that BARC was doing successfully. The fact that rabies is very rarely seen on the island anymore is proof they where winning.
    I hope like hell they dont have to let these poor animals back out on the street to fend for themselves again. It'll break the heart of those that work there.

    Its a crazy place old beautiful but so backwards with some stuff.

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    Very sad indeed but sounds like our Government in reverse...taking money from pensioners...low income earners and welfare groups saying they can't afford it...then giving millions of dollars to the R$PCA a multi-million dollar private organisation...go figure.
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    Oh wow that really sucks Sean I was just watching one of my trash TV shows today and they were in Bali and it showed a street dog, apparently they give red collars to all the dogs that have had the rabies shot? Poor pups the one on the show didn't have one so everyone was scared of it (bloody yanks).

    I just felt bad for it.

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