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Thread: Finding-Choosing Dog Bed and Toys For Australian Silky Terrier puppy?

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    Default Finding-Choosing Dog Bed and Toys For Australian Silky Terrier puppy?


    We are in the process of purchasing a Australian Silky Terrier Puppy for our 5 year old Son (Very Exciting)

    Can anybody give me ideas on what kind of bed and toys to buy? We will also be needing to purchase a quality lead

    Is there online stores i would be better purchasing from? (we are in Morwell, Victoria)

    What should i look for when purchasing the above, especially the bed? (pillow top mattress)

    As you will see from my previous post im totally new in having a dog and i want to make sure every choice i make is 100% correct!

    Thank you all in advance again!

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    I'm not sure about beds because we've always made our dogs beds ourself. However if i was going to buy a bed for inside, i'd probably go with a trampoline style bed with lots of blankets on top. Or I would use my dog's crate as a bed, which helps for crate training as well.

    In terms of toys, my number 1 toy is the Kong, its a brilliant way to keep your dog entertained while you're not around. Tug ropes are good, especially if your dog is toy motivated when it comes to training (not sure how a silky terrier would like a tug rope though ) Most dogs will love squeaky toys. Soft cuddly toys are good for some dogs, especially when they're puppies. But sooner or later i'd say most puppies will rip a soft toy apart and make your house look like it has been snowing stuffing But puppies love having soft toys to snuggle up to when they're little.

    Most of these things I don't have a particular brand that i go for (except for Kong)... I usually just buy something if i think the dogs might like it. They might not last for a long time, but its not the end of the world. Some of the toys I have, I will only give to the dogs when i'm supervising so that they don't rip them apart while i'm not around (this includes the tug rope and a pig that oinks that i got from Woolworths). That way the dogs get to enjoy the toy for a longer period of time rather than ripping it apart on the first day, lol.

    Not that destruction is going to be a big problem for you, I doubt an Aus silky terrier would do anywhere near the amount of damage my dogs do to toys/beds.

    Its been a while since i've been to Morwell, so I don't remember if there are any good pet shops there...

    I buy a lot of my dog stuff from online stores, I will usually just shop around and see who is selling the item i'm looking for the cheapest, and go with them.

    These are probably the main online stores i find myself buying from, however there are loads to chose from, just google 'Online pet store' and you will find heaps.

    Pet Shop & Pet Warehouse| Buy Pet Supplies Online | Petbarn

    Pet Supplies, Pet Accessories, Pet Products, Pet & Vet Supplies Online - My Pet Warehouse

    Homepage | PETstock Site

    The obedience club at Morwell is also quite good if you're looking at going there.

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    Does that mean you got to meet some breeders - do tell all - how did you find a silky right now or is it a future puppy?

    I would not get anything expensive for a puppy. A cardboard box and an old cushion or pillow and some old tshirts (ideally with a bit of the new owner's smell) etc is good. There is a fair chance the puppy is going to chew it all up and you should pick something by way of bed you're ok with that until puppy gets all their adult teeth or finds better things to chew.

    Toys - I made plaits out of old tshirts for playing tug and fetch... I'm fond of anything fairly roboust. Squeaker toys are very very popular with dogs, but might not be with you - tho my dog - the squeak never lasts more than 3 minutes before she finds it and destroys it. I'm fond of the kong range. The bob a lot is also fun to keep your puppy busy - you'd want a small one for a silky.

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    We have a trampoline bed she uses every day if we are in the back of the house. She sleeps next to me at night on a dog mattress bed with dog blankets. She sleeps on the sofa-bed chair mid afternoon. She also has a blanket by the column heater in the lounge which she occupies when we sit in there on cold evenings. At all times the prime place is at the end of our bed.
    Hard to give you advice on dog beds as we seem to have acquired all available in one form or another, oh yes kennel out the back ( rarely occupied)

    Now toys that are cheap ( discount type shops) can be dangerous although your pup will not have the jaws of steel that destroy. You will find they appear over time and are better introduced one at a time and rotated. We have a toy box ( strong laundry basket) dogs have individual tastes so hard to predict whether your pup will like fluffs, balls, tug toys etc
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