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    Im getting my Border Collie puppy in a three days and he will come out to my dads farm with me nearly everyday. Im pretty certain that there will be ticks at the farm, anything that you guys recommend? I will also check him over twice for ticks


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    Hi UniqueCollies

    checking every day including in the nose, ears and lips and around the bum and other bits, between the toes and everywhere else - is the most important thing you can do. One of the first (but not the only) signs of trouble is your dog can't bark properly - so teaching to bark on command is helpful.

    When I went into the tick areas - the first time there was a tablet called "proban" but that's not available any more (possibly harmed more than ticks). So now there is only (as best I can tell) tick collars and spot ons - and the spot ons have to be applied twice as often as they would if you were not in a bad tick area.

    I am stuffed if I know how dogs survive in paralysis tick areas.

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    Spot on treatment or tick collar and check, check, check every day as Hyacinth has already advised.

    Welcome to the forum and all the best with your new puppy ... Photos are essential

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    Thank you guys!
    I Defiantly will get a tick collar when he is old enough to wear one

    Cooper is going very well, I have had him for a week now! He is going to puppy school this saturday so I'm excited for that!



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    Hi 'UniqueCollies' and to the forum ! Love the photos of your new pup - what a cutie !

    Be careful of tick collars – because if they get wet – then they no longer work and could cause irritation to your pup’s skin.

    Some information for you:

    Paralysis Ticks - Animal Options Vet Clinic Ormeau, Gold Coast

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    Interesting that this came up, but i think i got fleas from my dog aswell - not sure if they are related though. Anyway i just bought a tick collar and started to shower him every day after i get home from work. Seems like it got rid of the ticks - maybe only time will tell...

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