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Thread: Do your dogs wear their collars full time?

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    We have it about 50/50 here for Layla.

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    My dogs wear their collars all the time, unless they're wet. The collars are pretty loose so they could slip them if they get caught and I buy the ones with the plastic buckles so I imagine if there was enough stress on the buckle, it would break. They sleep inside the house, in the garage, but I worry about them escaping if someone breaks in or if the electric roller-door opens for whatever reason (my parent's used to randomly open all the time).
    Even the cats are strictly indoors only but they usually wear collars with their name tags on in case they accidentally get outside (the MIL has a key and let's herself in all the time and I don't trust her). Both collars have clips that break apart once 2kg of pressure is applied so they're not able to get caught on anything around the house.

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    KM thats a good point about the plastic buckle type collars. Dodge has that type, but Koda doesn't. Koda's old collar was that type, but it kept coming undone when he put pressure on it so i switched to a metal buckle.

    My cats used to wear collars but they don't any more, they kept losing them on the farm. One of my cats is indoor only the other two are in and out (good for rodent control) We used to always have elastic collars on the cats, they were great, and with no chance of cats getting stuck in places

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