We were almost back at the car this morning after a walk (just Banjo as foster pup is still on forced rest) when a gardener who was spraying the garden beds nearby clicked his tongue at Banjo when he saw her. So of course she runs up to him and I'm already yelling "Manners!" because I know she is going to jump up on this guy because she loves him more than anyone else in the world now because she's just met him and he said hello to her! She jumps indeed, but kind of sideways and he is enjoying it and kind of catches her and gives her neck a good rub. Next she runs off like a crazy puppy doing zoomies around the nearby gumtree, chases some magpies into the tree in the process then proceeds to bark at them and jump up in the air to show those birds before I call her back and she comes running with her tail still wagging.

Both humans were just standing there grinning and the gardener said: "If only humans could be happy all the time like that". Amen. And I'm lucky to have my 4yo puppy to show me how to enjoy the little things in life.