Yes - I'm not against the concept of a poodle cross or whatever but I haven't found any breeders of these designer mutts who actually do the right thing by their dogs, puppies and puppy buyers.

They don't health test the parent dogs, many don't keep good records of which dogs have made what puppies - or follow up so they know what matings went well. They don't accept puppies or dogs back if it doesn't go right for the buyer. They make promises they can't keep like "the best of both breeds".

The large scale breeders - have all the dogs out in sheds in paddocks - and the dogs do not get enough people time and some do not get enough time with their own litter - so they have problems with other people and dogs. This means you can't take them for walks or to visit friends.

The worst - well you can just google "Oscar's law" and see what a mess they make of dog breeding. It's cruel and disgusting and results in unhealthy unpleasant dogs that were very cute puppies.