I agree with the training/flat collar idea. I use a harness (back attachment) on my dog when I want him to lead - ie for tracking, in protection work etc. It gives them enormous pulling power and empowers them.

I've never really been on the halti/front harness band wagon just because well you can train a dog not to pull and there's so many benefits outside of the walk that result, rather than physical 'tricks' and removing yourself from the equation.

I go for runs with Sammy. Most of the time he's off-lead because we go through the parks (so it's softer to run on) and because I'm not worried about him running off, but when we're on the streets, I use a flat collar.

My sister has papillons though and she has back harnesses on them. They pull as hard as they can but you can't really feel it. If you have a small dog you might be able to get away with that as well.