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Thread: A little brag session

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    Cool A little brag session

    A friend came over yesterday with her 2 year old grandson. Now Maggie is excitable for visitors and this was A CHILD just for her...demented reaction of wiggles. She sees few but passionately loves children
    Then she snapped out of it found a ball and proceeded to play non stop with the little fellow for an hour. The child laughing constantly and Maggie despite this being as exciting as it could be, very carefully not barging past him. Despite many hand to dog muzzle contacts she was incredibly careful with her teeth.
    Obviously I watched them the whole time but she was flawlessly careful even in the midst of it.
    I was so proud of her and glad for the hours we had spent with her as a razor toothed bc puppy teaching her to be very careful of humans. Also stomped on her round em up notions.
    Her recall when distracted is rubbish and she still annoys me on the lead but she did me proud when it really matters. Yay Maggie

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    Go Maggie!

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    Go Maggie!
    amazing what they can put out, and yes, im sure all that bite inhibition paid dividends!

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